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How To Make Antler & Bulb Band

super shot

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How to make Antler & Bulb Band



First i would recommend getting the items first

Its pretty simple just 20 "Evil Horn"

Go to prt_maze03 and kill 20 Baphomets Jr.or

you should be able to find alot on the ground.

If you dont know what a Baphomet Jr is, it looks like this:


Once you get the "Evil Horns" warp to Alberta_in 122 53

and talk to Cherokee

And there you have it, You now have a set of antlers!

(for added fun get a clown nose from Lunatics to look like Rudolf)



~~Bulb Band~~

This is the second headgear on our list today,

its the Bulb Band.

First things First....Items

The first item is a Circlet[1] which can be found in Moc_pryd04

by killing isis

The Last item is 20 Glass beads which can be found at Pay_fild11

from Nine Tails 1180.gif

Once u get the items warp to comodo 227 158

and talk to Hair Ornament Girl

Theres your second Headgear in under 10 mins maybe..(i didnt really time it xD)



Thanks everyone for reading,

I'll take all criticism.

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Well, its great you are taking some effort to make this guide, but these headgears are kind useless to me. They don't up any stats, only some defence. I think this is only good if you are a headgear collector and there is another guide about this to.

Anyways, good work. 5/10.

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well i wanted to do an easy guide as my first but ill be making more useful guides later on


ill fix that typo here in a sec, and if u click on where it says "Here" theres a pic

the nine tails one is a bit messed up because i couldnt find a real picture so i picked one that is close to it

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