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Black Cat Ears Guide


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Items needed:

kittyears.gif Kitty Band x1

Kill Smokies in pay_fild09. The drop rate is not 100% of this item, so be sure to type @mi smokie. Look for what percentage Kitty Band drops, and type @autoloot (number). Then, you'll pick up only that item.

blackdyestuff.gif Black Dyestuffs x1

See this guide on how to make it, or kill the Deviling in pay_fild04 or yuno_fild03 to get it.

fluff.gif Fluff x200

You can either kill Fabres in gef_fild07 for this (and pick up feathers as well, which are needed in various other quests), or kill Cocos in mjolnir_01. mjolnir_01 spawns 10 more Cocos than gef_fild07 spawns Fabre.

blackcatearszenybag.jpg 10,000 zeny


When you have all the required items mentioned above, warp to @warp payon 115 131. You should be standing on the NPC called NekoNeko. Talk to her, and if you have all the items, she should make your Black Cat Ears right away!


And that's all there is to it. It's a pretty easy quest, for a really cute headgear. ;3

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