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So since Chadwick asked for a small but detailed weapon forging guide and he's awesome, I decided to make one up, since I did some research on this recently anyway. :3 The information is correct to the best of my knowledge. It's mostly off the top of my head, so if there are any blatant errors, please point them out, and you'll get a cookie! Thanks for reading. ^_^

Weapons Forging Formulas:

Base Chance = (Job Level*0.2) + (DEX*0.1) + (LUK*0.1) + 50 + skill level

Lvl 1 Weapon -0%

Lvl 2 Weapon

Lvl 3 Weapon

Star Crumb

Elemental Stone

Normal Anvil +0%

Oridecon Anvil

Golden Anvil

Emperium Anvil

Forging Supplies:

To forge a weapon, you need the materials for it, an appropriate hammer, and an anvil. If you'd like to forge an elemental weapon, you'll need one of the four enchanted stones corresponding to the element. If you'd like to make a very, very very, or very very very strong weapon, you'll need 1-3 star crumbs.

Since RMS.net already has a long, pretty table of materials for specific weapons, I'll just link to it instead of retyping it.

Weapon Forging Ingredients Table

Iron Hammer:
For Lvl 1 weapons; consumed. NPC-buyable (1k)

Golden Hammer:
For Lvl 2 weapons; consumed. NPC-buyable (3k)

Oridecon Hammer:
For Lvl 3 weapons; consumed. NPC-buyable (5k), or hunt from
Teddy Bear

Anvil: Used for forging; not consumed. NPC-buyable (30k)

Golden Anvil: Not consumed. NPC-buyable. (120k)

Oridecon Anvil: Not consumed. NPC-buyable. (300k)

Emperium Anvil: Not consumed. OBB only. (You can hunt OBB from Nintails: pay_fild11)

Flame Heart: For forging fire elemental weapons. Marduk: in_sphinx3

Mystic Frozen: For water elemental weapons. Marc & Swordfish: iz_dun03

Rough Wind: For wind elemental weapons. Windghost: gl_step

Great Nature: For earth elemental weapons. Sandman: moc_fild16

Star Crumb: For forging very, vv, vvs weapons. Miyabi Doll: ama_dun01[/indent]


1. What level does my forger have to be?

Base level doesn't matter.
Job level
contributes to forging, and it's also the only factor that affects the whitesmith skill,
Weapon Refine
(for making +10's)

2. What stats should I get?

. These contribute equally and are the only stats that affect forging success.

3. What skills should I get?

Weaponry Research
(adds 1% per level, max 10),
Research Oridecon
(adds 1% per level, max 5), and whatever
skill for the weapon
you'd like to craft (adds 5% per level, max 15%).

4. Do buffs help?

Yes, anything that increases DEX or LUK helps. For example,
(+10 DEX) and
(+30 LUK) are easy, but very helpful Priest buffs. Marionette Control (from Clown/Gypsy) is useless, since your DEX and LUK should be maxed.
(from Paladins) is helpful.

5. Can I use a higher level hammer than required? (i.e. Oridecon Hammer for a Lvl 1 weapon)

Yes, but it doesn't increase the chance of success.

6. What does the very strong, vvs, vvvs mean?

Each "very" indicates an additional star crumb used during forging. They lower the chance of success, but have a couple advantages. First, they
ignore flee
, so you never miss except due to perfect dodge. Second, they add
+5 ATK
for each "very." However, vvs are usually preferred over vvvs, since during the forging process, there's only room to add 3 stones, and usually one is taken up by an enchanted stone to make an elemental weapon.

7. Do my equips matter?

Yes, anything that adds DEX or LUK will improve your odds. A few quick and easy suggestions:

- Headgear:
Apple of Archer
(+3 DEX), or
Ulle's Cap[1]
with Vesper card (+2 DEX) or
card (+2 LUK)

- Armor:
Baby Leopard card
(+3 LUK)

- Weapon:
Drops, Lunatic cards
(+1 DEX/LUK)

- Shield:
Zherlthsh/Zealotus card
(+2 LUK)

- Shoes:
Crystal Pumps
(+5 LUK)

- Garment:
Mastering card
(+1 LUK)

- Accessories:
Orlean's Gloves
(+2 DEX) with 2x
Zerom cards
(+3 DEX)

8. How do I start forging?

Have all the materials needed for the weapon plus the appropriate level hammer, and an anvil, and whatever stones you'd like to add. Double-click on the hammer to begin forging. When a window pops up with 3 blue circles, drag the Star Crumbs and/or Enchanted Stone into the spaces to attempt crafting a very- or elemental weapon.


- RateMyServer.net

- ROdatazone

- Thanks to Fire_Dragon for the tip about hunting Mystic Frozens at iz_dun03, the tip about Ulle's Cap with Vesper/Holden card, and the tip about hunting oridecon hammers from teddy bears.

- Thanks to Chadwick for pointing out my terrible typo about gloria's +LUK. Also thanks for the tip about oridecon hammers and teddy bears.

- Thanks to Ikazuchi Kazume for mentioning that by using the @whodrops and @whereis commands in-game, you can find other monsters that drop any of the huntable materials.

tbc...I'll make it look prettier later. :3

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Nicely done skip ^_^ (even if it's not finished yet xD)

Btw how about hunting some Star Crumb from Bathory at alde_dun04?

IMHO I found it faster since Bathory are aggressive and got low HP :lol:

Also, for Mystic Frozen is just go to iz_dun03 and spam LoV because Marc and Swordfish that many in numbers and aggressive are drop them too ^_^

If you're feel you're too poor to spend your money to bought an Oridecon Hammer, maybe you can try hunt them from Teddy Bear at ein_dun02 -> please note that I suggest you're better buy the Oridecon Hammer since collect Oridecon Hammer from this small monster can be annoying.

And for equip and card, how about (just suggestion):

Head: Ule's Cap (+2 Dex) with Vesper card (+2 Dex) / Holden card (+2 Luk)

Anyway, good luck on finishing the rest, skip ^_^

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Dropped By


(100%) [mvp drop]

Stalactic Golem-beach_dun2


Miyabi Ningyo / Miyabi Doll-ama_dun01,02,03 ama_fild01






Dark Frame-gl_cas01,gl_in01




These are all the spawns of monsters that drop star crumb. You can find out how many spawn with @whereis. As you will notice some of these are better than miyabi doll, and it also gives another place to hunt if someone else shows up. cookie plox ^_^

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@Fire Dragon: Yeah, actually I usually my star crumb at alde_dun04...for the stupid reason that I hate the ama_dun01 map. xD Either place is fine though, and since both are 100% drops, it's up to you. ^_^ Bathory are agressive, but their walking speed is so slow and they have that annoying paralyze thing so you can't move. ><

Good call on the iz_dun03, though. :3 Thanks for that~ And since both you and Chad mentioned it, I'll add that you can hunt ori hammer, too. :3 I'm sure some people'll appreciate the tip. I'll also add the tip of Ulle's cap, but I'll keep the AoA, since Ulle is off an MvP, which might be tricky to find for some people. ><

@Chad: omg, I can't believe I put +10 LUK for gloria. O.O Talk about embarrassing typo from someone who claims priest as one of her favorite classes, lol. ><

@Ikazuchi Kazume: Thanks for the list :3 For people who know how to use @whodrops/@whereis in-game, more power to them. I just listed a single monster and where to find it for those people who don't know to do that.

Thanks for all the nice comments! :D I'm glad people find it useful.

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@Ikazuchi Kazume: Thanks for the list :3 For people who know how to use @whodrops/@whereis in-game, more power to them. I just listed a single monster and where to find it for those people who don't know to do that.

Thanks for all the nice comments! :D I'm glad people find it useful.

glad I could help ^_^ Btw, call me Kazu

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Ummm.. Isnt a mini furnace a forging ingredient?? and where are the NPCs located??

Yes, mini furnace is used in forging iron from iron ore, steel, and enchanted stones. I didn't feel the need to include them, though, because Chad asked for a guide on weapon forging, and since this is a HR server, those final products are usually easier to hunt than the ingredients.

The NPCs are located in the Blacksmith guild on the bottom-right of Geffen.

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Just incase @whodrops doesn't work for you when you look for Emperium Anvil, I believe Emperium Anvil is from OPB or OBB or both. Not a drop or a buyable item.

I included this info in the guide already, thank you. ^_^ And it's OBB only, as far as I know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, you're right Fire. Elemental weapons are frequently used in the official server, except for Snipers and Gunslingers. I remember my Knight having a Very strong Wind Katana leveling in iz_dun. :P

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IMHO Bows are the only thing that can't be forged because Archer/Hunter/Sniper already got Elemental Arrows as their elemental weapon. ^_^

I guess forging is the only way in official server so people can get an elemental weapon for easier hunt.

Ah I see; I understand that ^^"

But I would still like them to be forgeable x3

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