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2 Cents Sin PD


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Hay this is my first guilde so iam going to open with sins are a very fast character they may not have that much hp but they can overcome this With Yes

(Perfect Dodge)

I spent mills and mills buyin and testing different equipment to get max Pd and i\found the best equips to do so with a price that anyone can afford

well you may ask how can i get perfect dodge?

the answer is luck yes luck plays a big role in Pd and you can achive most of your PD with 200+ luck

Con's Pro's

Pro; You can dodge Critical hits and get that cool Lucky icon on your head

Pro; if your resting/talking to your friends in Pvp any surprize on mele is a gonner

Con; you cannon dodge asura sac and other skills like that

Con; having low hp may be bad


What about dex?

dex is only used to gain that 195 aspd but i created a way to avoid using any dex yes you can thanks me later ^_^

What is Luck?

luck plays a role in getting your Pd and critical it also raises your ASPD when equiped properly and gives you some damage

How good is this build?

using a baby sin everyone stares in awe And don't forget SinX has higer flee/Pd

How well tested/Dmg can this build do

well at least 600dmg+ critical but thats with fortune swordx2

I will asume some things

1, your lv 254

2, being poor is ok but it's faster if you have at least 10-30 mill

3,you have the time to follow what iam going to say next


the most importaint part of pd i will lis some equipment that has the best Pd value as possible

2 yoyo broaches

because you get 10 Pd and 4 Agil yay

Falcon muffler

having 15 Pd and 5 flee best garmet in my opinion

Mimic Amour

every 18 Luck you get 1 agil see where iam getting?

wild rose boots

5 pd and 1 flee kool

2x fourtune swords

well 20 Pd each and i use these swords when not in attack mode people get amazed at how much dmg i can do with it

2x10+ Blades w/ 2 paper 2 hydra each

this is optional but you may need money for this but hay 1.5k+ dmg pluse on each sword with Crit wow your getting somewhere

my build





Dex~optional 0


* with the mimic armour on you gain spd as you raise luck you have 195 with daggers and 195 with katars Mabie iam wrong

as you see i can achive aprox 60-80 Pd using a baby sin think of you being a sinX

* EDP wow yea you its safe to say there boned

*I hope this helps plz be easy taking suggestions my first guilde

~Good Luck eh may lucky candiie Be with you~

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I'd say the morrigane set is better, because it gives around 36pd in total, and taking up the head, garment and accessories will make up, because the muffler and accessories only add 25pd.

If you count every 10luk =1 pd, then you would have 20+36+40+5 = 101 pd (Roughly). Yes I know this is sopposed to be a cheap pd build, so this is the rich-pd way.

Also, I heard theres a bug, that whenever you kill thanatos you are banned for 5 days. I'm not too sure on this, and also, a friend told me that Paper cards don't stack. I'm not quite sure about this though.

//edit: Falcon Muffler is 15 flee, 5 pd

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1 Dex = Total lose?

My build: (dagger Sin Baby)

200+32 str

200+28 agi

some vit

1+14 int

200+31 dex

1+8 luk

I tried the 1 dex version..but it totally fails to me. xD

Dex ups damage, aspd and casting rate. You can't do it without.

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Dex also raises hit rating, unless you're planning to create all of that damage from pure critical strikes. But, that doesn't seem very good considering anyone with crit protection can screw you over pretty good.

Yeah, and that. xD

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my headgear build on head was...

Upper: Valkyrie Hem [1] (Donation)

Middle: Masquerade

Lower: Gangster Mask

and my stats build was...








my other equips was based on what was on the topic

and i prefer this build on PvP if youre gonna duel against SinXs,Snipers,LKs and GSs...

coz if you will duel with pallies and champs... youll die instantly...

this is also not much effective on profs,HighWizs,creators and ninjas...

and only depends upon the build of the SL youre dueling with..

hoping this helps...

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i tested the paper build for a week you need more luck so for a head gear DLH LKH or Valk would work good and then its basically pure critical smoking 3k dmg Right hand-2k dmg left with Edp your looking well over 10k a pop but not recomended if you like to use skills but i haven't tried the Soul Breaker build Nor find a good one with every hit being 15k+

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thanks also if you want to spend that extra 20-30mill zeny i suggest a 10+ drill katar y because it casts full strip

also i if you use ifrit it workes well to that is the advanced build and even dex sin's with yout yoyo broach takes a wile to hit you and i don't use a Lkh VK or DLh so think about that

w/the 10+ drill katar i hit 3k crit right hand 600dmg left with edp that adds up to 7k right 1.5k ish left thats with out paper but you can do your own math there i suggest switching once they get striped then your weapons can get do max damage

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