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  1. I just thought that there was an update so I checked the thread. D:
  2. Oh so this is active again. Hi Yooohan. When will the next be held?
  3. Im not talking to you ma'am. I'm talking to the ones who can deliver.
  4. List of castles taken please. The list after WoE 2.0 Over. PS. Abandoning castles in 2.0 doesn't work. Thanks.
  6. Whichever, doesn't matter how's it going to be.
  7. How is it unfair? Well doesn't matter if it will be counted or not. Just saying my thoughts.
  8. I wonder if A p p l e s broke that castle since I saw him running too, maybe this screenshot won't be out. Well just a thought.
  9. Something is wrong with this. There is a chance that we will basically forfeit the event, we woe like 20+ all the time. I can't kick my members just to join the event. And surely we will still break castles. The main problem is, how about the big guilds? I agree we have the size, how about our other members? It isn't fair to them that they can't join the fight with us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I wanna suggest something. Give a time limit for points during woe times. For example: The pointing system will start 14:00:00 then will end @ 15:00:00. Every castle that has been taken until 15:00:00 will be counted. Then on with the regular woe. Just a suggestion.
  10. Rawr Master

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Rawr Master #of choice: 9 IGN: Rawr Master
  11. Rawr Master

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Japs # of choice: 14 In-game character: Rawr Master
  12. Uh does sleeping dude really gives Random GM boxes?
  13. Rawr Master

    Lottery Of /fsh

    Name: Japs # of choice: 14 In-game character: Rawr Master
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