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  1. well i wouldnt mind.. at least a couple of things i have in my storage that i dont use.. the problem is to explain to EVERYONE where are those tickets sold and EVERYONE to know you're hosting an event, if only 3-4 guys in pront listen to you the event wont succes.. is there a way to broadcast a long text? I would say something like: "To open rachel sanctuary quest we need 500m donation from the whole server, i will be hosting an event in the next days, where you could trade in your donation tickets for items, if you wanna see the full item list, check on forums, i have a topic there, etc".. And well, everyone is wellcome to donate their items to the event.. even if not many will do xD
  2. If you are hosting an event, i dont think you do it to gain items, you do it to give away items in a game for the comunity dude.. just sacrifice some cans to help out comunity..
  3. Ohh i didn't knew.. looks so much to my quest, so mine is a waste XD..
  4. Thx for the guide! Got Poring Tower, Angeling Hairpin and Poring Party Hat(did it x3) Used sniper..didn't need any berry.. also, to kill the first porings fast, hit once at a bomb poring while standing right next to the water one, then run, he blows up and kill him XD.
  5. hey .. they did that event yesterday.. they said a alchemist broke his cart and you had to kill porings in a map that you cant use spells to find the item and receive price.. Did the GM stole my idea XD? Sry for posting too much ^^, but i wanna know if it was a coincidence, gm's liked and used my idea, or .. idk.. *If someone used my idea: Shouldn't i receive a prize ? Not demanding anything, just asking
  6. Didn't, sorry if it looked like that To the one who made the guide: These critics i do on your guides, are nothing against you, i love your guides, very colorfull and well explained, i jsut like to help out a little
  7. I got a Bok Choy Box, gave me 10 bok choy, idk whats that for.. also honey box, 100 honeys.. piece of garbage XD also found elunium box and wind converter box.. brr i want a fkin headgear or something XD EDIT: YAY! thief ring.. well.. its no biggie (hit+10, flee+10, atk+10, crit+10) and if equiped with cold heart, 8% more dmg on medium monsters.. but its somthing 1 question, if i dig in 1 spot, many times and i only get mines and nothing, digging somewhere else helps?
  8. I sayed not going to lhz dun to kill Remover to get the plates..
  9. that's why i said drop weird items.. or you can mike something like golden apple, a simple item that does nothing and can only be obtained by GM's and events, and thats what you give to GM's to exchange the price.. there's no way to cheat there xD.. Any other doubt/question ?
  10. when you donate, the last window to close right after she gives u the lottery ticket, says amount of donations left to able quest .. i imagine how long it would take on a x1 serv to donate 500 mill x.x
  11. 9180 to go.. this is gonna take damn long.. already donated like 100 times..
  12. Can't warp directly to some of the places in ur guide, so i add the coords of the door: einbroch 253 199-->hotel einbroch 275 233-->tarsha house Other than that, ur guide is perfect, gratz
  13. To make it easier, dont kill metalings for flexible tubes, "Venatu" drop em at 100%, and "Dimik" drop used iron plate at 100%, for those who didn't make the lhz quest..
  14. i was unsure if such maps existed, where you cant use spells, i didn't wanted to post an imposible event, but it would be much better.. and gm's wouldnt unmute.. if its a 4 minute mute.. lets say event lasts 3 min, you can wait for 1 minute xD, but i never been a gm so i dont know how the mute thing works..
  15. Lucky Poring Event: This event can be done in pay_fild04 or better, in event map.. GM summons alot of porings, in a big map, then he walks around droping items (any weird item) then he warps players and they have to go and kill every poring, trying to find those items, once they do, they give them back to the GM, and win a prize. *GM's could mute everyone for 3-5 min, so no one casts spells, or it would be easy for mages. *You shouldn't be able to warp/jump in Event Map. *Instead of the item giveback to GM's, you can drop rares and let the poring grab them, so the point of the event is to kill the lucky poring who grabbed a rare. We played that event in other server, and it was very fun, hope you like it. My ingame name is Rok3zSnipe or Rok3zPala, in case i won something And sorry for my bad english.. if there's something you dont get about the event just ask..
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