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  1. I must agree, the Guide is very easy to understand and very informative. A wonderful Job Mirri!
  2. Soul of Many ~ Soul of Jaad
  3. very well done man, thx for the guide!
  4. I stopped by one of the clone events recently, and in truth found it a bit boring, I got teamed up with a pally a lux priest and an LK, the only one that could even damage the clones was the pally who saced like crazy while I just froze them in place with 100 damage hit of my SG. now granted, I am not normally a fan of events in the first place, I only go to them when I am either bored or happen to be in the area to begin with, for the most part I'm just happy to be out farming items for people as I chat on guild talk. But to throw my two cents in, I agree with those that mentioned a coupon point somehow being awarded to ppl through the event, maybe it is an item that you can code in (I know more work) that when returned to the event staff gives you an extra coupon point or something, many people like making the items that require the coupon points more then once, and it gets annoying to do the same quests over and over again with each character just for those points. 1 coupon point isn't much in all truth, but it might be enough to attract attention to the event. ( I would attend to get that.)
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