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  1. Misunderstanding no need to get all up tight...Sorry. >.>
  2. Forky

    The Clown Guide

    This guide is kind of bland, You should go into more depth of the equips to use and different effects of what we as clowns wear, And it wouldn't hurt to add pictures, color, anything to make me actually want to read the guide.
  3. Metalings are located on more than just the bio lab maps, And Preia I love you guides they are so full of color, and nice to look at it actually almost makes me want to go in game and come out of my forum cave and do the quests.
  4. Well, There is a command that is for admin only unless changed, That mutes every player on the admins screen for set period of time.
  5. I kinda like my dodge ball idea, Once I figure out how I'm going to do it, I will whip the script up and send it to Renee.
  6. Well, Good idea but it would only work if you had ice pick/Thana or the GM lowered there Def considering they have high def
  7. I will be taking some people's ideas and applying them to script, For them I will edit and do several things.
  8. I'm working on creating a dodgeball mini game! xDD Because I'm crazy!
  9. Ok, Now...You all may have seen me before with short hair. Now I has long-ish hair. 18th birthday
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