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  1. My linker has sucky ASPD, but it's worth a shot.
  2. What would you recommend for killing Golden Savages? Seems like killing them is a major pain. -edit- It also seems like the spawn rate isn't correct, I've been looking all over gef_fild02, and Cocos and Yoyos (which also have a spawn of 10) are far more common than the Golden Savages.
  3. An Edge would be another option for the financially less fortunate.
  4. Coma works on the crystals too, although it is relatively insignificant because of the low chance.
  5. I don't think it's necroposting, more like bumping for great justice.
  6. We all know the beans would be spilled sooner or later, so why not do it in pretty colors? Your point is legit, though.
  7. A shame I use my wizard for such tasks. Nice guide Mirri, hopefully this'll increase the number of people mining soon.
  8. Stolen from which monster? Pitmen?
  9. Happened to me just recently too. It has worked for me before, so I'm a bit confused.
  10. Dane

    Mad Hatter

    Pinwheel hat is a red pinwheel on the top of your head, not a green one.
  11. Dane

    Key's Art

    I herd saber?
  12. A stalker with a GTB would own. D:
  13. Dane

    Key's Art

    It's because I used to do signatures befoooore... People kept making requests, and it was sooooo plenty. Until I gave up. ;-; lab j00 keey
  14. Dane

    Key's Art

    Don't feel compelled to do it though, last thing we want is unnecessary pressure on youuu ;-;
  15. Dane

    Key's Art

    Sure, I'll be goody-two-shoes, and you can be the evil alter-ego that comes out at night. (:
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