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  1. Updated guide with a few new skills of the 3-2 Classes as well as a few moving sprites.
  2. First off let me say WOW... i could barely understand the guide at all... only useful thing i took away from this was the skills that are must haves other wise... no comment
  3. no you dont downgrade, for example Thief > Assassin > Assassin Cross > Gullotine Cross at least thats the way i believe it will work as 2nd class's did
  4. lol good question, and where do u see perfect hide? i think the ranger is going to be an intresting class for WoE
  5. wow, i hate to imagine how long you guys searched for all those details on the skills! i struggled to find a site that SOME of those details i came upon Ro future wiki and thought i hit a gold mine!
  6. lol~ i was only using 1 sec as an example~ well if thats the case then hunting for them shouldnt be too bothersome then~ =D i wish i could play gRO Regularly... , over the past 8 months or so, ive become a hell of an addict XD
  7. umm.. do you mean that there is ALWAYS 1 Rice Theif on the map? e.g. i kill a rice theif at 16:00(4pm) and another rice theif will spawn at 16:00.01(4pm + 1 sec) cuz if thats so... it should be so hard to collect ermm.. 10 rice bags XD i think... lol
  8. Guide updated to include the New skills as mentioned by Stargaze
  9. Wow! excellent, ill update the guide tommorow afternoon when i get home to my PC, i hate using laptops and will take foerver using a laptop.
  10. lmao nice lil rant u got goin there~ i see your point about the female ArchBishops~ lol... @Eleionomai Thx for the link! will get around to reading them when i get the time!
  11. lol i take it you've read all the mangas then? i actually wanna read them but cant find any scans online >.< and cant afford to actually buy em XD
  12. 2 - 3 years is only really a rough estimate since the final 3rd class jobs will only be realeased late 2009 so... yeah... thats about right, and its not actually that long, considering that the official RO servers actually are making these new jobs while maintaining and running both RO And RO2, so feel privliged that you dont have to wait as long as the people on retail servers, they have to pay to play, we dont, and we still get the nice new shiny jobs, for what an extra year or two for the GM's to take time out of their lives to upgrade? be grateful i say ^^
  13. lol thats only cuz ur not a guy lol~ Archbishop = cute Warlock = beautiful Guillotine cross = Smexy XD but i prefer cute over smexy anyday ^^"
  14. Stewie may be cool but it really is freakin me out... >.< seeing a 2 foot toddler rubbing himself... *shudders* anyway it may work fine after the scripting is done, but it will eventually lead to duping because of said *elite* head gears. even rare headgears, first you would have to get the sprites and the owners permission.. its very very tedious...
  15. warlock over the Guillotine cross and the Archbishop??? lol... i woulda went Archbishop, Warlock, Guillotine cross XD Female warlock actually has the pose of the Gypsy i think... ^^" just thinking out loud ^^"
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