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  1. @po1nt death card isnt the only good card that tarot gives. it can also break the shield.
  2. got bored o.o i honestly havn't even tried them yet. my clown havnt even changed to 3rd job yet. haha
  3. dude got tips on where to level fastest?
  4. i just thought my name would fit for a clown ...which was my main char back then
  5. well sometimes woe can be determined by the quantity...so with gvg. every guild only gets to choose 10 players. gvg is pure quality and teamwork:D
  6. gvg ain't useless. it's not a 1 day event too. in order to join the gvg u'l have to join WoE which also requires teamwork. if we just need to sign up for the gvg event. you won't even need a real guild. random people will just sign up for that gvg event. -1 on reputation based. this can be bias. -1 on community image. this will surely make pvp booooooring power can be determined from gvg and woe event i guess...
  7. hi guys wasap! why don't you just shut up and mind your own business ayt if you really want to talk about our guild then you can just come to me and ask me anything about it. we ddn't change our identity because cebu was created 1st. funda were composed of pink, cebu,bad boys, and cj guild. cj and bad boys were with cebu lots of woes before funda was created. and bad boys live in cebu city already. i really wanted to ignore this off topic u guys are talkign about but you guys just know too much so shhhh already and mind your own business
  8. i don't know yet. i haven't tried minstrel nor wanderer..YET
  9. with the renewal, i think youl have to create your own.
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