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  1. Narcissus

    Summer Event

    Shantotto, a tarutaru blackmage from the Federation of Windurst and and a hero of the Crystal War, is in disguise as a Doram in Rune-Midgarts Kingdom and fished out a nasty Buwaya in Althea's waters. I'll dispense with the greeting, since your life will be fleeting. - Shantotto to Buwaya
  2. MVPs summoned at Central Lab Instance are not counted for S-Rank MVP hunt. I had S-Rank request for Kiel and killed it in verus01 but then it didn't count. Maybe because MVP name is Unidentified Creature? What about ET MVPs? I think they should count - can someone confirm?
  3. In my opinion, in terms of PvE, nerfing skills and items is not always the best solution for a balanced and fun game play: Demotivates players (all the effort and time down to the sink) Makes players feel reluctant to build and play new Class because nerf could happen again, esp. if the Class becomes a "meta". Devalues certain Class/Skills and Items. Economy consequences: The rise and fall of items price, as well as the supply and demand. Instead of nerfing "players", could we try to find a healthier solution to face current game contents? What do you think abo
  4. Hello, Can we know the percentage nerf on Axe Tornado? My usual 10k/hit dmg is down to 2k. And personally, I wouldn't want to think it this way but it feels like the nerf is simply saying "stop using Axe Tornado." On the other hand, would it be possible for the comunity to know which gear/s would be adjusted - or this is just related to the newly introduced mechanic gears? There might be players who've already spent time and resources for refinement and enchantments. Would there be a sort of "compensation" if the gear end up lower than the players are expectin
  5. Yeah.. here's a ss. NPC stopped talking and no portal for next map.
  6. there's no wipe here so you can still reset your password :)
  7. test.

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      Hey!! ToT long time no see!!! asdfsdgf Hope you are ok :3

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  8. guys try fixing/cleaning your registry with ccleaner. it worked for me..


  10. Seyren x104 D:

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