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  1. I have been having problems recently where the 5th Vote4points site, GAMESTOP100 never works for me. I get 4 vote points every time i vote this way. Not a big deal, but does anyone else get this problem? thank you.
  2. There is not a guide for Rune knights? i need stats help. I have a keil and a berz but the casting time for rune knights, and delay of all skills are unbearable.. while wearing a +10 Katana, with having full Dex and Agi and Two handed quicken my Apsd is only 190.. not even max. bowling bash is casted at a 140 mil sec delay but it feels long er than that. to slow....any suggestions?? erm? Also, why does the Rune knight look the way he does? and not the other way..with the runes? sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but i need help. thank you.
  3. sooo... it can change a headgear that takes an upper,and middle slot, but can you make it look like a lower headgear, that changes to an upper slot?
  4. Can you maybe make ninjas more practical to use? in pvp the only skill i can defeat anyone with, and believe me iv tried different builds, is Final Strike...i cant FS every person i wanna fight that blows..Iv used keil n tried other mvps to make them more useful but..unless i was fully equipped with MVPS there's no point to making one. Just a suggestion, lower damage on there magic attacks in exchange for less after cast?? I just want to pvp with a ninja..whats the point if they can only depend on one offense skill.. I'm just a big ninja fan.. IGN: HaVoK ( lived 2008~2010)
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