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  1. we appreciate the scripting done to make it easier for people to get 10th grade mercenaries. We truly do specially since you had to do the scripting from scratch! But making it easier to get the level 10 mercenaries didn't have to come with a downside of making it much more difficult to get 7, 8, and 9th grade. How many people even use level 10 mercenaries? 2 people would be stretch already. Meanwhile the rest that do use mercenaries use exactly those 7 to 9th grade. And who uses 9th grade mercenaries the most? Newbies that want to level up. There's also old players that want to make new chars and use mercenaries to help level up. There's still the level 6 ones that don't have a loyalty requirement but they're nothing compared to the 9th grade Double Strafing Archer mercs or the 8th grade Piercing Spearmen mercs. You can even see how the inconvenience, for 3 grades to be much more difficult to get, far outweighs the convenience gained for 1 grade to be much easier to get: BEFORE 7th Grade = Available by default 8th Grade = Available by default 9th Grade = Available by default 10th Grade = Extremely difficult to get NOW 7th Grade = Considerably much more difficult to get 8th Grade = Considerably much more difficult to get 9th Grade = Considerably much more difficult to get 10th Grade = Much easier to get The 10th grade merc being easier to get now is a blessing indeed, but the 7 to 9th grade ones should have been left as is. The unofficial way of buying mercenaries up to 9th grade was the norm in our server for years and it's very inconvenient to get them now, all in the name of getting the 10th grade one, that barely anyone uses, to be easier to get. We don't think it's a good trade-off
  2. or bring back the first effect of WW card
  3. sadam

    Super Novice SP Bug

    the Novice SP Lowers when the level goes to 200+ Screenshot: also the Replay: Bugtest.rrf
  4. as the title says. idk why is it prohibited. since we can do warp on previous map(prt_castle) before
  5. sadam

    February Patch

    i thought the dwigh card is now implement but when i do "@mobinfo dwigh" it said that "this monster has no drops."
  6. Does it really respawn at exactly 30 minutes?
  7. try updating your KRO it might be the new looks of hd elu/ori and hd carnium/bradium
  8. i got a limit yesterday and today i'm still at limit
  9. Dear Santa, Hi Santa! It's me Pitou and my real name is Sadam. I am 26 years old. I know that this might sounds weird but we have already met before. I'm guessing that you wouldn't remember it, but I will refresh your memory of our first encounter. During Christmas of 2016, I was worried when the Letter to Santa event didn't happen. So, I tried to talk to some people and asked why the event didn't happen. Some people said that you have been kidnapped and then others said that you have been in a toys factory that had been closed. However, one story caught my attention and the evil spirit lurking around the toys factory. That was when I decided to gear up and head out on a journey. I decided to teleport to the town of Lutie and that was where I was greeted by a weird skull faced girl named Cathering Jet Johnson. She happens to be an employee of the facory and also the assistant of the doll maker. She told me the story of the doll maker who died from a heart condition after making her last doll which she named "Celine Kimi". All of the doll maker's sweat, blood and tears have brought Celine Kimi to life. However, seeing her loving maker dying gave poor Celine Kimi extreme distress and she had believed that she was the cause of her maker's death. Celine Kimi became evil and attacked Catherine and changed her face into a skill and discharged her from the factory. Catherine asked me to help her defeat the evil spirt that had brought some of the toys to life. I entered the horror toy facory and disguised myself as a toy as to not raise any suspicion. I made my way into the middle of the factory where I had the biggest shocked of my life. There was TWO Santas. However, one was tied up while the other had an ugliness aura radiating around him. The tied up Santa called the other man "Antonio" and demanded that he returned some stolen toys. After assessing the situation, I rushed in to help untie the rope but the weird looking man took that moment to flee. You asked me to help you find him and to return all the toys that he stole. I thought to myself that this was my chance to help Santa and ask about the "Letter to Santa 2016" event. I agreed to help and rushed after Antonio. After dodging some obstacles I finally found the culprit and obtained the stolen toys. I brought the items back to you and you rewarded me with some bloody coins. I started to ask you about the event but was suddenly interrupted by Catherine. She said that the danger isn't over yet and that Celine Kimi still needed to be stopped. After battling Celine Kimi for awhile, I finally defeated her and rushed back to you. I wanted to hand you my letter personally but by the time I got back.. you were already gone. The content of that letter was to ask you to grant my one and only wish to have a the "Rainbow Sash" (#63340). but a year is already pass. so i would like to wish again a Rainbow Sash for this christmas. I hope that you'll make my wish come tru. Wishing you a merry Christmas. - Sadam
  10. i forgot to printscreen the last part
  11. i don't even have security XD
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