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  1. Looks like there will be no Meeting in 2010 O:!
  2. Nice work, I still like your and Rahul's avas the most. o.o But the second one, the pose, is cute. :3 I guess I even know all of those 4. o.o;
  3. 1446. This will never have an end............
  4. Same as Temperance. :3 So yeah looking forward to might join this, gonna talk to Sammy~ <3
  5. Nice event Lucia. I really hope this will make WoE more exciting at least. x_x Especially 2.0 ... And yeah Quality > Quantity. Small guilds can be strong too. ;D
  6. Oooh the ninja is nice. 8DD~ I like the hair.. And wow big hail >_> but still I like hail, somehow.. :/
  7. Nice update Lexa~ I still wonder where my observer went to... =_=
  8. Ooooh. I like that ninja o.o And omg, I kinda like the way you colored the hair~. I wanna see the whole thing with color. D: Finish it soon yes?
  9. Wtf. How to get that stupid hat then? Anyone knows ;D? That Europe hat there. xD
  10. Very nice. *-* Thanks for the fast update. <3 ...But there is a mistake. :'D
  11. I think this idea is kinda wired.. Well and how are you going to do that? 5 partys after each other... that takes a pretty long time.. And an event is not meant to take like 5 hours IMO.
  12. No problem, and if you have time some day mind of adding the items you need ;D? (Not how you get them blah blah only WHICH items are required.)
  13. Ooooh. They are adoreable. <3 But I still like the original the most.
  14. Ah thank you for that guide Nico. I was always wondering which countries blah blah, you know what I mean. I like it~ Keep up the good work :'D
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