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  1. Aww ]x Good luck you guys o: I guess people now are more interested in PVP and such )x Wish I saw this when it was posted o: I could of at least helped you guys get the hat }x; (i have the choco-tarts x3)
  2. *pats Misha* Try feeding it as in the guide (from 15 to 35) that's 20 minutes of FREEDOM. Just leave it afk and come back every 20 mins XD;; Thats how I evolved mine in a few days o3o!
  3. Whee~! I haven't checked this in a while @voda; actually, that's false. It's best only to feed it from where it gives most intimacy, which is 5 points. If you feed it over 26, then you will start decreasing the amount of points you get per feed, but still increasing your wait time. Ei. If you fed it the way I did (feed it twice at 15, making it +20 hunger = 25, then it's 10 points), then you'd get 10 points every 20 minutes. In the same time, if you fed it at 10, to make it to 70, that's 60 minutes of waiting for about 22.5 intimacy points (if my calculations are correct). So that way, a wait of 60 minutes would get you 22.5, if you do it the way in the guide, every 20 minutes you get 10, 10 x 3 = 30 intimacy points per hour (: Correct me if i'm wrong <3;
  4. Hitting thread up, just in case it's needed (: <3
  5. Oh wow <3 Awesome charm ^.^ Makes me want to make one... xD <3 Good luck to those entering c:
  6. xsmookie

    Gro Idol!

    Haha xD This contest is a cute idea o: And I think the vid's audio is cute too.. Hehe (x
  7. Good luck to those entering ^.^ <3 I'd enter with my bf... but I play gRO on his computer xD (I haven't gotten it to work with windows 7 ^^; )
  8. i wanna go but i dunno anyone ]:
  9. i want in! 8D IGN: Flight Le s s
  10. @john; you're welcome dear ;D @neko; lulz~~ 9999 Cacao as a SERVER ;P
  11. someone posted something illegible?
  12. 2009 Valentine's Event ( A ) First off, I'd like to wish you all a very MERRY Valentine's Day :3 I hope you guys know that Valentine's Day is mostly a commercial holiday! (Wewts for the lovey dovey gifts). For those who don't have a love for this holiday, I'll be glad to be yours The main thing from Everade can be found here. Note; THERE ARE THREE PARTS OF THIS!! Now lets begin x3 *Note; I used two different models for this, Sokanon (my HW) and Summer Nights (my sinx). I was farming with my wiz (the cacao) and I did everything for this already on my sinx. :3 *Note; I had to redo screenies x.o;; Its just sinx nao :3 Step One: Talk to Charles Orleans at prt_castle 92 65. *Note; He's different from the cooking quest Charles Orleans. He will want to test you and see if you can make Homemade Chocolate (Both the Regular Chocolate one and the White Chocolate one.) *Note; The order in which the two Chocolates are made do not matter. Step Two ( A ): Talk to Sprakki at geffen 137 200 and she'll ask for 5 Chocolates and 2 Milks. Once you give her these, she'll give you Handmade Chocolate (not personalized). Step Two ( B ): Talk to Bried at prt_fild08 163 367 and he'll ask for 5 White Chocolates and 2 Milks. Once you give him these, he'll give you White Handmade Chocolate (not personalized). *Note; Everything can be bought from Shocola Vasinio at alerta 32 243. -> About this: The server, as a whole, needs to give her 9999 Cacao before she "mass produces" her goods. Although you're unable to buy chocolates from her before this number is fulfilled, you can buy Flour, Milk, and Eggs from her. -> About this (2): She can also give you two special recipes (which will come up later in this guide x3). Step Three: Go back to Charles Orleans at prt_castle 92 65 and he'll let you use his countertop to make personalized chocolates, which can be found at prt_castle 42 27. From this point, you can start making personalized Handmade Chocolate, White Handmade Chocolate, Chocolate Drinks, and Experiment. ----- *Note; I haven't been able to try "Experiment" yet... I haven't been able to get the cacao beans because the server hasn't fully donated yet @[email protected];; ---------------------------------- End of Part One ------------------------------------ 2009 Valentine's Event ( B ) So technically, if you only want the personalized Handmade Chocolates, White Handmade Chocolates, and Chocolate Drinks, feel free to stop at step three of part A. If you want the special ones, please, continue. :3 Step One: Talk to Shocola Vasinio at alerta 32 243 again, but this time ask about her recipe. She says that she'd only exchange them for some Chocolate Drinks. *Note; This is when the server wide Cacao farming is important x3;; Step Two: Use the counter top at prt_castle 42 27 to make 10 Personalized Chocolate Drinks. Step Three: Go back to Shocola Vasinio at alerta 32 243 once you have your Chocolate Drinks, and she'll give you two recipes, Recipe for Chocolate Tart and Recipe for Strawberry Chocolate. ----- Step Four: Buying ingredients from Shocola Vasinio, you can make all of the recipes at the counter top at prt_castle 42 47. *Note; Even if you make a "mistake" on the Tart and Strawberry recipes you'll get cuter things x3 *Note; I think the flawed ones are cuter oxo; Perfected // Flawed ----- Perfected // Flawed ----- I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! Even if you don't have a lover, be happy for the people you have that love you!. Thanks to Yui Hime for giving me hints on how many Chocolate Drinks needed. Thanks to the GM Team for this quest in general. *Note; If you guys need anything, feel free to post here or find me IG (which, isn't easy as of now x3). *Note2; Still needing to edit to put in all the images. ------------------------------------------ Last part ----------------------------------------------- 2009 Valentine's Event ( C ) FOR THE HEADGEAR 1. Be married, wearing your ring, and you should get the hat when you talk to the NPC, 2. Have a loyal pet out, or 3. Have <personalized> Lovely Choco-tart in your inventory. NOTE:I think you can only do this once per acc. lulz <3 The NPC is in the blackmarket. Use the service warp though. Go up and then left and then down O:!! Its Cupid Wannabe. Thanks to Arga for the hint about the headgear, Dea for the picture of it, and Nero for being my experiment!!! xD!!~~ <3
  13. calm down you guys @[email protected];; i'll get another homun and double check everything, just dunt flame each other @[email protected];; edit: it is 100, thanks for the correction =3
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