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  1. equip it then unequip it then equip it again you'll see the true sprite of the prism...
  2. Gimme a Lord Knight Card Again... And many thanks..... everade Bugoi nandto ka tumitingin din???? hahahaha!!!
  3. Name : Emo [iGN] Wish : TAO card Reason why i want the item : Cant afford to buy... HAPPY BDAY BEASTBOY
  4. GO Guerilla !!! I don't wanna join your GVG I just want to watch you guys.... Harhar!!! Good Luck!!! Let kel2 join for me...
  5. We will join.... kel1+kel2 see you in game...
  6. nice guide zie I'll make a Quiz Hat sooner
  7. Its Bug again!!! I can not enter... Only in the Waiting Room.... T_T SOB
  8. We still can not enter if we do the lost child quest... coz of rachel sanc. donation need 500M to do the quest... SOB T_T
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