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  1. Oh yay /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> *clings to Miku-chan and purrs*

  2. More power? What do ya mean? XD

  3. Mirri luffles you too :D

  4. Mirri

    No problem :D

  5. D:! You cruel man!! XD I want free food!

    Omg, I had sushi for breakfast... >.>;

  6. Mirri

    Thank you a lot :D

    Oh, btw, love the "PedoBear Disco" sig XD

  7. Hmhm ¦3 I like free food! XD Ya should have stolen some and sent it to me!!

  8. *Fan girly scream*

    *Checks it out*

    XD btw, I did that scream for fun... I don't do it in real life!!!

  9. Oh yesh :o Headgears, headgears and moooore headgears~ Not too long and I'll be done with "Part 1 - Mixing Original Headgears" XD haha, even made up a name for it!

  10. No problemo~ :3

    As long as it was fun, it's good, right right? :D

  11. Mhm Grinders *¬* *makes grinding noise* XD Kidding~ I'll come on later :D And annoy you /gg

  12. *Squiel* Who are you?! D:

  13. Omigawd Miku-chan D: I couldn't see ya today~ Got windows re-installed to speed up my laptop... But I'll be on tomorrow :3 or later tonight? Gotta instal gRO again XD

  14. *Clings to Miku-chan* Mirri ish berry bored! *Gives Miku-chan a homemade cookie* Digging quest is boring D: But I'm not insane yet XD We should dig together when you come on - I've got tonnes of spoons~

  15. Omigawd :o If ya make another chara, tell meh what you'll call her :D

    And next time ya come on, we must continue our game!! x3

  16. GRAH!! :3 Danmaku-fuu~!

  17. Mirri

    *Throws DB at Dnnk* D:

  18. What do ya want? :3

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