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  1. For the mount issue, perhaps the 7 or 30 day halter leads could be added to the Rental Dealer. Another option would obviously be to have halter lead boxes in the vote shop, but I think it would be nice having to use Zeny and make good use of the rental NPC. Premium members would of course still have an advantage as they wouldn't have to purchase halter leads in the first place.
  2. They've already been implemented.
  3. I presume they were never added due to balancing reasons. GTB, GRB and LK aren't in the Kafra Shop either.
  4. Cat Hand New World Access Requirements - 50,000 zeny Rewards - Access to the New World and all it's surrounding maps Side Notes - This quest only acts as a quick access to the New World maps and does not replace the Onward to the New World quest as a prerequisite for several other quests. - No coupon point is rewarded Step 1 Speak to the Cat Hand Agent (moc_para01 44 19) in the Eden Group building. Upon talking to him you will need to select the following options: "Why don't you collect it yourself?" "I also want to go and help the merchants." Once prompted to do so, enter your character's name correctly and pay the 50,000 zeny fee. You will then be warped to a field near Morroc. Step 2 Walk slightly to the right of the map you have been warped to and you should find a Cat (moc_fild20 368 197). Speak to the cat and select: "Let's do this." Step 3 You should now find yourself having been warped to another map. Walk up the rock and speak to the Cat Hand Agent (moc_fild22b 182 179) and when prompted select: "To the other world!" Congratulations! Now that the Cat Hand Agent has warped you to the New World (mid_camp) you should have access to Splendide and Manuk maps without doing any further quests. Unfortunately no coupon point is rewarded upon completing this quest. Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave comments and questions regarding the quest.
  5. Mirri

    Warp Portal

    Seems like a universal thing. I just checked and the memos I've had for several years on one of my Bishops are all gone as well. I can imagine all memos being wiped for a reason though. Some maps which you could memo years ago are now restricted, yet you could bypass it by using old warp portal memos.
  6. In which case, although this particular request would go well in the GFX Help section, is it possible to create a subsection to this forum for requesting guides? Obviously not all requests would be fulfilled but it could be quite nice to see what kind of guides people really would like to see.
  7. I don't think there were enough complete sentences to even make grammatical mistakes. lol. I can't agree more with you though. It's more like a list of equipment and stats for people who already know the supposed 'support' technique he's talking about, which I obviously don't and therefore this guide completely lacks value to me. I definitely think an attempt to explain what the aim of this support build is and how to apply it in-game would improve this. Excuse me if the writing of the guide is still in progress though.
  8. Mirri

    Maximum Aspd

    Maximum ASPD for 3rd classes is 193. It's 190 for all other classes.
  9. I only just noticed you added more pictures! I'm dying all over again. So adorable! Sob.
  10. I pretty much rewrote this guide in order to make it apply to mining post-renewal. I hope it's more useful now! I didn't proof read it fully and there's more to add as for mining techniques but I guess I'll do that another day. Time to rest!
  11. I kept having the same problem when I popped in once in a while, so I got bored and didn't bother playing more. Somehow I always came at the wrong time I think since now that I'm kinda active again I see people I know more frequently (though most friends quit). Maybe I'll see you around in-game!
  12. Oooh! Esuru, are you active again, or just passing by? Ah and that picture is pretty! Doing a good job as per usual I see!
  13. You don't have to register anywhere. You get coupon points automatically from certain quests upon completing them. You can check the amount of coupon points you currently have at the Coupon Redemption Staff NPC, located around the bottom of Althea's town square. Five coupon points will add up to a whole coupon which you can get from the same NPC if you have enough coupon points.
  14. Quests giving coupons generally seems a little bugged. This quest has always given me a coupon point, but several other quests won't do so while they work perfectly fine for some other people, rewarding them with coupon points. Therefore I'm not sure if it's a problem with the actual quest.
  15. The new validation system for voting is really nice. Thank you for doing something about people getting rewarded who were not voting properly! I can already see that votes are increasing a lot thanks to people having to do it properly now. I know people have mentioned issues with one of the vote sites, but for me there only appear to be issues sometimes? One time all of them will get validated properly, and other times only three or so will work.
  16. Mirri

    Meet My Pets :)

    Obviously I don't know what exactly she feeds them, but generally they're fed on dry food similar to other pet rodents, but obviously the ingredients differ to their dietary needs. Fruit and vegetables as well.
  17. Hang on, dying due to cuteness overload.
  18. Mirri

    Zue's Art

    ewgga hguegh waw!! !1!! oneone!!! Thank you! So cute! And that blue Marc-! (;A; ) So adorable!
  19. Here comes Team Germany! lol. Party Name: Nils has no DIQ Member 1: Vain l Baby Boob (Crusader) Member 2: Chamchi Kimchi Jjigae (Alchemist) Member 3: Mini LiLaLauneBear (Monk)
  20. To be honest I'm not surprised that a lot of people don't bother writing out the whole captcha. Some of them are ridiculously difficult to read to the point that even if you keep refreshing the captcha you'll still get it wrong in the end. I wish the voting sites would set it by default that you have to enter the correct captcha. It's rather annoying for people who want to vote properly yet their vote doesn't count because they misinterpreted what the captcha said.
  21. Mirri

    Zue's Art

    How about yellow/turquoise? lol. Random colours.
  22. Mirri

    Zue's Art

    Oh! I like this one quite a lot. Do you mind if I use this to play around in Photoshop a bit when I have some spare time? Been a while since I last made a signature just because I can. I think my 'skills' are rusty...!
  23. Mirri

    Zue's Art

    Ah! The dark magician is indeed nice. I think it may have looked interesting though if you tried to make the warlock's clothing colour similar to the cape's colour. Seeing your Aoki Lapis sprite and the warlock kinda makes me want to draw Lapis in the warlock outfit. Pfft!
  24. I think I know how you feel about being lazy, but editing the pictures and formatting is the best part in my opinion! -> guilty of writing pointless guides to do pretty formatting You're right though! It's more fun with friends but it's more time consuming looking for one of them who has time to farm with you than to do it yourself at times. ( ;∀;) General rule of thumb: RO is more fun with friends!
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