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  1. I can kill people just fine with oboro!
  2. I'd advice everyone to just calmly wait till all the fixes and little tweets are done! A lot can and possibly will change, don't be too hasty to judge a class quite yet
  3. Bubble gum should be tradeable, or atleast used to be :S so might be just a bug?
  4. Couldn't agree more! btw I'd say it's a hexagon which has been tried to make look like a cube. (messing with your brains!)
  5. I think that'd be bad would make the players taking part on each woe decrease, 'cause there'd be 2 WoE's to be at! Just make them apart from each other, so everyone can fully focuse on the WoE that's going on at the moment.
  6. Hey, welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay! Leaphar pretty much summed it up good. If you need help with something, you can also PM me ingame, IGN: Gonz or Skyechamp
  7. Finally you published this, good work!
  8. Gonz

    Bug Tracker

    Yep, works just fine
  9. Sorry for bumping an old post, but SL's any good in here these days PvP.wise? 'Cause I haven't seen even one
  10. Gonz

    Zue's Art

    That Alucard looks frigging bad-ass!
  11. Nice guide, it's nice to see that someone has really taken the time to go to details just to help others! Keep it up! (Personally was a great help for me!)
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