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  1. it is randomm..i have gotten red glasses from 3 different locations
  2. New NPC locations: new_1-4 91 21 Novice Instructor: Bruce Final Instructor: Hanson
  3. its because we haven't completed the donation requirements...
  4. interesting..when i tried to warp to ein_in01 it says" You are not authorized to warp to this location". Any ideas?..maybe a another quest or time based?? NVM,,scrath that..i found a way in k i do need some help with this.. I talk to Morriphen, ein_in01 16 35 inside the Einbroch Blacksmith Guild.But he keeps saying he needs to lay down and nothing. Is there a specific time that i need to speak to him or has this quest been removed??
  5. Here is the updated guide, srry about the lack of picture...i forgot to take screenies Stop the Mad Scientist Quest Level Requirement: None Item Required: None Quest Requirement: None Quest Rewards: 5 Blue Gemstones, Coupon Point Repeatable: No. Steps: 1. Talk to Wagan(yuno_in01 19 30) to start the quest. He'll complain about the mad scientist Metto. Say "Leave it to me."; "Yes, I guess I have to think of a plan now..." Wagan, yuno_in01 (19, 30) 2. Go to the Juno Monster Museum and talk to Metto(yuno_in03 26 39). He will tell you to talk to his colleague Stangckle Metto, yuno_in03 (26, 39) 3. Stangckle(yuno_in01 19 95) can be found in one of the buildings in Yuno. Talk to him and say the first option Stangckle, yuno_in01 (19, 95) 4. Return to Metto and tell him that Stangckle backed out. He will then tell you to talk to Kato. 5. Go talk to Kato (yuno_in01 20 182) and tell him the first option Kato, yuno_in01 (20 182) 6. Go back to Metto and tell him that Kato destroyed the great invention he needed. He will then tell you to talk to CiCi. 7. CiCi can be found in the Magic Academy. Talk to him and tell him the first option CiCi, yuno_in03 (180, 43) 8. Tell Metto that CiCi won'te help him. Metto will give up and quit being a scientist. 9. Return to Wagan and tell him the news.
  6. this is a very nice guide and i throughly enjoyed that quest
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