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  1. no hes not raging..... is he?
  2. Just Lost 31m and 5 lbs. from walking haha
  3. this means we need to redownload the renewal patch? are all issues like skill problems (i.e. Shura skills etc) already fixed in there?
  4. Item Name: Lotus (if unnatainable), Victory wings Item ID: 5139 / 5357 Why do I want it?: Sorry if i chose 2 items. in case the other item is unnatainable.. well these two great headgears are most faved by my IRL gf. she plays gro too and when we both started using the RMS character simulator.. she saw this lotus headgear and she asked me if we can work on that headgear ingame and i told her that its impossible to obtain it coz i never seen one wearing it..She really fell in love with that headgear so i told her if ever theres any chance that i can obtain that headgear i will not hesitate to do it for her.. (and if that headgear is quite impossible i think victory wings is the right gear to replace it coz she saw it on GM arga's sig and she like it) i would like to obtain this Lotus as a Ingame Xmas gift for her and i want her to be special ingame ..im hoping for your kind consideration.. thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!
  5. i was thinking of a van dyke beard for lower and a pirate like moustache for mid -- :3 ( im too lazy to try making em)
  6. zie's work will surely look cool on both genders but it looks more awesome on female charas..no offence
  7. 1 MILLION LOL hahaha i bet this will be finished until my 30th+ birthday comes 4 1 8
  8. my god , with all that flash vids you made im thinking if yer an action star in RL .. or a violent guy D:
  9. there are 2 hitchhickers with 8 bananas that can be peeled in 5 ways~~
  11. oh waITER??? WHERES MY order? * Tapping spoon and fork *plank plank plank * > hehe
  12. you can download free CS3, try looking at youtube on how and where to get 1 :3 <3
  13. hrmmmm.....................
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