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  1. Character Name: Secret Character Level: 250 Character Class: Sniper Did you pay the fee: will pay later
  2. Cho - co - late - S!!!! SAMMIE!! this guide made me hungry xD Nice Guide btw.
  3. aw, Okay. I will try for it ^^
  4. Yes, im just focus on the equipments for sniper and the build is what im using. Players can get their own build after trying this.
  5. sry double post x.x" internet problem
  6. Thanks for the comments ^^ 1. Arrow shower work on stalker when they doing chase walk, just click on the spot where stalker stand then they will show out. 2. That's a good way as well, but i prefer ankle snare than sandman. 3. yeah, that's why i stated those cards. 4. Exactly 5. it will do, but try the MDEF build. It's work with all mages classes. I forgot about angeling xD thanks for reminding. 6. yeap, stalker is fine for me but clown is too hard. 7. Gemini card help alot 8. Agree, but for those are not rich. They can try poor eqps.
  7. ~SNIPER’S GUIDE~ Hmm… Where should I start.. Okay! I will make some introduction for this. Most of the RO gamers think that snipers is WEAK, but for me.. Sniper is the strongest job that I found in RO. For the sniper’s Lover, don’t be afraid to using it.. Practice more on it, then you will have more F-U-N with them. Comments for sniper.. They are good in range killing and hunting for the hiders( SinX and stalker ), trapping skills help them a lot from attacking by enemies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Status Build Warning This build is what I found after playing sniper for few months… Follow it if you want to or find a Best build for yourself. STR 80 – More weight [for arrows and traps] and give more Attack when you wearing Giant Whisper Card. AGI Max your ASPD – A MUST.. VIT Leftovers – Adjust yourself if you think that this is not suitable for you. INT 99 – More sp to use and it give higher chance to cast lvl10 Kyrie with Amonra Card. DEX 200 – It’s a MUST! Dex give you Attack when you are using a Bow, NOT STR. LUK 150 – Higher LUK will have higher chance for Falcon auto attack[blitz beat] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now it’s the Equipments Time… Poor Equipment Head : Beret / Poo Poo Hat Alice Doll [Vanberk / Gemini] Middle : Sunglasses [Gemini] Lower : Any Amour : Sniping suit [ Marc / Pest / Evil Druid Card] Weapon : +10 Composite Bow[4] with Savage Babe, Magnolia, Metaller , Metaling Card (Status Weapon) +10 Composite Bow [4] with 3 Hydra Card and 1 Skeleton Worker Card (Killer Weapon) *** I have test out the damage of this bow compare to 2hydra 1skeleton worker, I found that this is more powerful than it. Test it out. Muffler : Wool Scarf [Raydic / Dragon Tail Card] Shoes : Tidal shoes [ Matyr Card ] Accessory : Expert Ring [Horong / Errende Ebecee / Wikebine Tres Card] Best Equipment Head : GDH [Vanberk / Gemini Card] Middle : Sunglasses [Gemini / Maya Purple Card] Nebula [Maya Purple Card] Lower : Gentlemen’s Pipe Nebula [Maya Purple Card] Amour : Sniping Suit [ Detale / Marc / Pest / Evil Druid / Angeling Card] Valk Amour [Ghostring Card] Weapon : +10 Composite Bow[4] with Lord Of Death, Metalling, Dracula, Stormy Knight / VR Card +10 Composite Bow[4] with 2x Hydra, 2x Turtle General Card (Killing Weapon) Thanatos, 2x Hydra, Turtle General Card ( For High Vit user) Muffler : Valk Manteau [Giant Whisper / Deviling Card] Shoes : Variant Shoes Valk Shoes [Amonra / Moonlight Flower] Accessory : Orlean’s Glove [Horong / Errende Ebecee / Wikebine Tres Card] Expert Ring [Horong / Errende Ebecee / Wikebine Tres Card] Ring Of Flame Lord Mdef Equipment Head : Maya Helm[Gibbet Card] Middle : Nebula [Maya Purple Card] Lower : Nebula [Maya Purple Card] Amour : Sniping Suit [Goat Card] Weapon : Same As The weapon Above Muffler : Wool Scarf[Kapha Card] Shoes : High Heels [Megalith Card] Accessory : 2x Rosary This Equipment is Just for facing those Caster[ High Wizard, Professor …]. But still if they are using +10 Staff of Piercing, you need a fast kill before they kill you. Super Double Strafing Build Warning This build is just for F-U-N.. Lol.. Head : Baphomet Horn GDH [Vesper Card] Alice Doll [Vesper Card] Middle : Sunglasses [Vesper] Lower : -- Amour : Same as all the above Build Weapon : +10 Composite Bow [4] with 3x Hydra Card and 1x Skeleton Worker Card +10 Composite Bow[4] with 2x Hydra, 2x Turtle General Card Muffler : Valk Manteau [Giant Whisper Card] Shoes : Shackles (combo with Bloodied Shackle Ball) Accessory : Ring Of Flame Lord Bloodied Shackle Ball (combo with Shackles) For the Arrows, I prefer Wind Arrow. Other arrow is acceptable, but still, Its depend on you that which arrow is suitable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snipers in WOE Sniper plays the job of Defending ( means trapping ), I know that trapping is the most stressful job for sniper.. but there are no other ways . Guild Member should cooperate with them and DO NOT DESTROY THEIR TRAPS WHEN THEY ARE TRAPPING, I’m Serious with this.. x.x!! From what I experienced, I used around 500 traps per woe and it’s made me almost crazy for the woe.. xD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ways to handle for these Situation: Stalker with Chase walk – use Arrow Shower on them Auto pneuma – it’s the time to use Double Strafing Build, because auto pneuma only work on normal attaking but not Skill. Keep spamming on them until they die . Assassin Cross’s Super Hiding – use Sight(Horong Card), I know there’s a skill called detecting, but you don’t need to waste the time to detecting them when they get near. Just use sight and when they got near use Charge Arrow. Paladin with Sacrifice – Some paladins only know how to use Sacrifice all the time, just use GR + Deviling Set for facing them or keep charge arrow them. Dueling with Sniper – Sniper’s duel depend on who strip their weapon first, get a FCP before the dueling. If you are stripped don’t be panic, put on your Pest Amour and SPAM Falcon Assault on them. Wear a Valk Shied [Flame Skull Card] as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okies! My guide end here. Sorry for Bad English… xD Give some comments and correct me if you think there’s an error and do not flame please x.x” Lastly, THANKS for reading my guide.
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