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  1. Would love to make fun of your english, but won't be able to make it. Have fun at your stay in the US though
  2. And finally. After many decades. The quest is done. (ಠ_ృ)
  3. Sure! I'm glad you all had fun I'll save those megaphone boxes for other player run events or other prizes
  4. If I'm not working during that event, I'll back you guys up
  5. Hosting Mafia today! Whoooooooo!
  6. Quite possibly Sunday. Not sure on the server time
  7. I always give out added goodies + the zeny. Also the prize is not a static 50m zeny or however much it is. If there is 2 winners, there will be 2 items given out and the 50 million will be split between the two. Meaning it'll be 25m each. If 5million is too few, tell me what the new reg fee will be. Also. If the Bread Maker dies and the Mafia is not found at the end of the round limit, then the registration fee zeny will be added in to the Mafia pool. Meaning if 25 people registered with the fee being 10million, 250million will be put in the pool and the next Mafia event that 250million will be added into the prize pool. Which means after the first event, if 18 people register, it'll be 180million + 250million = 430million zeny + items. And if the bread maker keeps dying the prize pool gets bigger with each event. Meaning that eventually it'll get to the point of 1b zeny maybe for prize. It's like gambling kind of. Heheheh
  8. Wheeeeee! Mafia is back!
  9. Put up success rates...and thanked Voda for it
  10. I'm just using probability. And nope. Don't know the % breakage. I've tried 50 armors, broke about 18 times. Although that doesn't prove anything. I gotta try multiple trials probably. You lose the card tho
  11. Ofc. I could also find the original song and then persecute the lip syncer.
  12. Winners get to hear me sing on Skype.
  13. Gold and Silver Bullion can be sold at an NPC for a nice price. Or it might be useful later on, not sure. Pure Mithrils are used for some certain things that I can not name on the forums. *wink wink nudge nudge* Pure Mithrils are also used for our currency apparently
  14. Also note that the NPC's name is: APPRENTICE Craftsman... Now lets speculate...if there is an apprentice..then a master is soon to come right? xD That's my prediction anyways. Rofl. And yes. When you re-do the stats on the armor, the previous one is erased and replaced.
  15. And you could get the wrong stats You have a 1 in 36 chance to get the stats you want
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