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  1. I am sorry for my recent absence. I am sad to say I will not be on gRO very often for reasons that do not need to be publicized. If someone could take over the event while I am absent please reply. I will continue to host the event but that is it. I wish for someone to take over hosting the event when the time comes that I can not even do that. I will also continue WoE if I can. I wish the best of luck to this server and all of its members. I can promise one thing. I will be back. Estimated time... about.... 1-2 months. EDIT: Added Gambling. I am going to create a section in the thread that players can bet zeny on the winners of the event. Please confirm with the people you bet on that they will be participating. You may bet on 3 people. If any of those 3 people place in the top 3 you win double the zeny you wagered. You may not bet more then 5 million zeny. Please message me over AIM or MSN when you need me to add you to the guild. If I do not add you by the event tomorrow I will add you at the start of the event. AIM: mtgold83 MSN: fallenfate[email protected] Regards, Fate (PS: You have all been registered.)
  2. Remember. The first event was postponed to this Wednesday one hour after WoE. Come prepared.
  3. Remember. The first event was postponed to this Wednesday one hour after WoE. Come prepared.
  4. Hurry and get to morroc people.
  5. Registered. Oh and I made changes. You do not have to be registered here BUT you can reserve your spot in the event here. :] Note: You still must find me or my assistant in game and get invited to the guild by meeting the requirements.
  6. For those of you who wish to play remember; You must be registered here. (Your character name and class) And you must be in the guild. These requirements must be met an hour before the event or you will not be participating.
  7. For the last time NOT ALL MvP Cards have been banned. If it isn't on the rules or banned skill / item list it is ok to use. And excuse me for not being in morroc I was sleeping xD. I'm usually there when I am online.
  8. You are now completely registered.
  9. The wealth of the players is not going to make me change my mind on cards being banned or not. Besides FP, Cards, Several things prevent against breaking weapons.
  10. I already posted the current item restrictions. Unless it is said that it is restricted it is allowed. I am not banning all MvP cards but if you suggest one or two individual MvP cards with persuasive reasoning I will consider banning it. NOTE: MEET ME AT MORROC TO FINISH REGISTRY.
  11. It is not a PvP room. It is a time battle room. Do not worry, a map has been selected courtesy of Holly Enix.
  12. People. Be sure to meet me in morroc (@go 1) or PM me in game on Fate Archer / Ultimate Prize otherwise I can not invite you to the guild and the registration process will not be completed until you are in the guild.
  13. For the first event it will be a free for all.
  14. No healing items. I have that in the rule list. Maybe if knock back can be disabled we can allow that skill..? If not I do see where that is a problem to you but their are solutions. After looking into Ninjas they are indeed far to good. Banned. If you have complaints do not share them with me or this thread or your ability to play in these event will be striped from you for 2 weeks.
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