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  1. Hey guys, I definitely do not have time for this game anymore, but if you do, and want some symbols and other stuff let me know,giving them for free. I'll log in during the week, leave ign and see if i can mail stuff. Hope you all have a great 2017

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    2. Koxy


      u Quiting bro? i can take care of your symbol. /heh

      it will be nice if TW member can regroup again.

      ign : O r e n

    3. Dothy~


      I quitted like 3 years ago or something like that lol, but just kept items for nostalgia. Anyway, I found a person today who recognized me from olds days, and gave him the stuff I was going to give away, I kept some that were gifted to me. I tried to get GM Rayleighs help to give them to the poor, but the useless guy just ignored me, not sure if this is the last time I'll be around, but for now, I hope you all have a good life :)

    4. Hurt Locker

      Hurt Locker

      Alright then hope you enjoyed your time at this server.  

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