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  1. I'd go for 5miths=1mithril coin, so each mith costs 20m, you don't look at people who have less miths but the people who have a lot, the people with less miths can catch up with the new currency while the people with lots of miths will still be rich, but the difference will not be that huge, so economy can heal a bit, imo.
  2. well, 15-20m perhaps is still reasonable, but definitely not more, i mean the point of the coin system is to get rid of miths being the currency, exchanging them for the current price of miths would not be a smart idea cause the people with too many miths will still be rich as f. and keep the price of items high and nothing would change in the end.
  3. this just got a little more interesting just please, do not put the exchange of miths to coins for like 1mith=50m, thats just going to continue the issue with retarded op prices, something like 1mith= less than 10m or something like that, please. Since it will be for a limited time it will not lower the price of miths for the quests that require them in the future imo.
  4. Lol, if your brother was using it to crash people at mvps and got caught then he deserves the ban, yes, maybe there are more people out there abusing it, but its not just putting the blame on your brother, its the fact that he got caught abusing it for selfish purposes, and that's not innocent at all. I'm pretty sure GMs read the messages, but they just kinda ignore them when its the same person messaging over and over even though they know they are guilty. Good luck though, but if your brother cheated, not really.
  5. well, i believe pvp gets lively sometimes, but most of the time i visit it is dead, there are still pinoy people playing, but that's mostly it, the rest are gone, just try it, but there are still stuff that need to be worked on
  6. I think I remember you, don't come back yet tho, just wait for better updates, you'll be playing alone basically
  7. Dothy~

    Fixes & Updates

    Thanks for the update So, you've been complaining about not having updates and such, yet the first thing you post when an update comes is this shit and not a "thank you", you need to work out your manners.
  8. 2 years and this is still hot topic, I can't decide what it is, everyone is giving good and constructive reasons as to what it really is.
  9. This is by far one of the news I've liked the most, I'm really looking forward to this WoE thing, I stopped doing WoE years ago, literally, cause it was just plain boring to me, but this may have that thing that brings me back, and perhaps some oldies, kudos to you, good sir.
  10. I'm having the same problem, 2 weeks ago I was playing normally, then I had a lot of disconnections cause my internet was having issues, so I just didn't bother login in again, the next day I tried to log in the game this error started to happen and it continues to this day, not sure how to fix it, it happened before I think and it fixed itself, but now it's taking too long, I hope Everade knows how to fix this lol
  11. same, I am using Avast. My client was just fine, but after the last crash it messed up somehow and this started to happen. I run the patcher, it loads and when i click play it does nothing, closes itself and AV says malware has been spotted, I can only play if I deactivate my AV.
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