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  1. Name: Atomos Wish: Lord Knight Card Reason: Well I don't play too often nowadays and I don't hunt Mvps since a year and a half ago.. But if my wish is granted, I might have a reason to play again xD Happy birthday beast! Are we invited?
  2. Dear Santa, My name is Atomos. My real name is Martin. I've been naughty/nice this christmas season. I'm wishing for a Pussy Cat Bell as a christmas gift. I hope you can grant my wish Happy holidays!
  3. Name: Martin # of choice: 13 In-game name: killua zaoldyeck
  4. OMGGGGGGG Graceeeee! I miss you sobra :3 May maasar nnman ako xD
  5. Nice guide Mirri! triple blooding [breeze Card] Mes works fine as a weapon, it's cheap too. The Crystal dies with external bleeding.
  6. I'm not sure but mobs are considered monster. It could be a yes or no D: No, the kill counter will stay at it is even after logging off or a server restart.
  7. Congrats on your first guide ever ^.^ Nice presentation and easy to understand.
  8. Character Name: Atomos Base Level: 250 Job: Paladin Tournament Fee: Not yet paid 10m is a ripped off D; that's a lot of jellopies ._.
  9. I'm rejoining the 3rd event Forum name: The Zaoldyeck Character Name: Atomos Class: Paladin
  10. Team: Let's Kick Some Balls Team Leader: B a b y A s h l i e Members: Yue Soccer ll ChoCoCake ll DarbEreen Little Gaint
  11. Teamname: Lets Kick Some Balls xD Team Leader: B a b y A s h l i e Players: ll ChoCoCake ll Booty Music BumbleBee Yue Soccer
  12. Name: killua zaoldyeck Lvl: 250 Job: Assassin Cross
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