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  1. Name: Atomos Wish: Lord Knight Card Reason: Well I don't play too often nowadays and I don't hunt Mvps since a year and a half ago.. But if my wish is granted, I might have a reason to play again xD Happy birthday beast! Are we invited?
  2. Dear Santa, My name is Atomos. My real name is Martin. I've been naughty/nice this christmas season. I'm wishing for a Pussy Cat Bell as a christmas gift. I hope you can grant my wish Happy holidays!
  3. happy bday. amp 15 years old.. XD

  4. Ahay ano ba guild mo kanina; di ko na tanda eh XD

  5. ako rin! :P

    nga pla mvp'ing ako with champ hehehe..

    vr = pally.. hehe

  6. ndownload ko na yun renewal eh :D

    ready to play nko mmya!

  7. naglaro kya ako knina! samin nga kriem eh hehe

    nkasabay ko ln si ace last time ahh.. online p nga si noel nun

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