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  1. Cannot use AoE / Offensive skills in xmas_dun01. Skills Tested: Ignition Break, Magnum Break, Dragon Breath, Jack Frost, Earth Strain, Storm Gust. Note: This was not during an invasion.
  2. Can confirm that at least 1 combo item is not working. Stone Arrow Elven Arrow
  3. I suspect that when the new skills are implemented, the revised versions of skills will most likely be implemented.
  4. Vituperatum and Convenio have not been fully implemented even though they are available. As for the rest, they are not implemented. We are using the unrevised version of the skills.
  5. I have tested this item several times. It seems to be working just fine, I'm just waiting for Ace to reply to see what he has to say.
  6. This is the map of Buwaya's Cave Instance Randomly or when you die, you are supposed to be teleported into the top left part of the map. On a side note: Buwaya is casting Lord of Vermillion that hits 161,820 per bolt. LoV hits a total of 40 times, which means 6,472,800 total damage.
  7. I have just tested in-game, the skill duration cancels after 10 seconds.
  8. No buffs, no warg, no falcon, Flying Galapagos' bonus to Auto-Blitz damage is the same with or without falcon. Damage variance between Dummy and Zombie Slaughter / Kasa / Salamander: On some (maybe all) Althea Field maps, 2nd/Transcended job skills do official damage for some reason. (Only the Admin can tell us why) On other maps such as abbey02/thor_v03, 2nd/Transcended job skills do the "adjusted" damage that compensates for higher HP/SP rate of the server. Using your damage, it is not off by a factor of 10, but rather 8.1. (306 * 8.1 = 2478.6) As for the reflect, I'm assuming you are wearing an item that auto-casts a magical or physical attack? Which is reflected by Kasa/Salamander I tried going for myself and did not get reflected attacks.
  9. What is the status of Ranger skill, Camouflage? It has been broken since February updates.
  10. Hello, just following up on this. The issue has not been fixed yet. (Tested 15 August )
  11. The Korean version says 2% per refine. As well as: RateMyServer iRO Database
  12. Summer fishing trip with the Noob.. Some little monster got into the storage, ate a couple of freshly caught fish and left the lures everywhere. Who would do such a horrible thing?! IGN: Violentia
  13. It is working just fine. Lol WITHOUT Flying Galapago: 230 damage WITH Flying Galapago: 322 damage 230 * 1.4 = 322
  14. D e M o N


    Dies ist ein bekanntes problem und wird derzeit untersucht. Für weitere Informationen: Danke.
  15. A solution is currently being worked on. Please be patient as the whole server is affected by this.
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