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  1. Description of Issue: Demon Temple NPC gives blank dialog and you cannot continue or cancel. Also, according to the Demon Temple wiki page, we can re-enter this instance once. I was not able to re-enter. Expected Result: This dialog box should never be blank. You should be able to re-enter this instance once. Official Information & Screenshots:
  2. The Platinum skill NPC can return platinum skills, and it will not reset your current skill build. (nor will you be requirred to pay 4 million per reset.) The difference when integrating with the skill resetter is that, in the rare event your platinum skills are missing, you can restore them without having to reset skill builds. If you actually played on the server like a normal player, you would know that resetting skill builds is time consuming and a nuisance since you have to remember what skills you have and what level they should be. The outcome of this suggestion will determine if I should file support ticket or not. This is the same problem I have had since the normalizatiion update, hence the suggestion to add ( or return?) this feature.
  3. Why has MasterSmith's Cart Boost bonus been significantly reduced??
  4. Add option to restore Platinum Skills in Skill/Stat Reset NPC without the need to reset skills. This was your response when I reported my platinum skills are missing. Before I could respond, you classified my report as invalid, and then locked the topic preventing any further replies. All of my characters were missing their platinums skills from the beginning of the Normalization Update. I am 100% sure that I did not use the skill reset NPC for every single character in my account. I have used the skill resetter (more than once) to regain my platinum skills, but some skills still disappeared. I don't understand why you removed the platinum skill NPC, it has worked perfectly for the last 15 years since gRO has existed. After removal of the NPC, some players have had trouble with their platinum skills, (me included). If you had left the NPC in place, none of this would have ever been an issue.
  5. Description of Issue: Elemental Converters/Cursed Water do not get removed when switching/unequipping weapons. Item ID# 12114 Item ID# 12115 Item ID# 12116 Item ID# 12117 Item ID# 12020 Expected Result: Converters/Cursed Water effect should be removed when switching/unequipping weapons. Official Information & Screenshots:
  6. Description of Issue: PHQ NPC Claims I have already completed Daily PHQ. I am 100% sure I have not completed today's PHQ for 2 reasons: 1.) I was not home all day. 2.) I have not done Unsealed Baphomet in several weeks. Expected Result: NPC Should recognize that I have not completed PHQ. Official Information & Screenshots:
  7. Description of Issue: Cart Revolution, Change Cart 1 and 2 disappeared (This was after skill Reset) Expected Result: Platinum Skills should not disappear. Official Information & Screenshots: As you can see here, I still have Crazy Uproar Skill, but Cart Revolution, Change Cart 1 and 2 disappeared. This happened a few days after resetting skills for a 2nd time.
  8. Not Eligible again. (Equipment used will be in your messages) Some Details: Pyroclastic Skill = Active Wind converter (Item No. 12117) = Active Skills Used: Acid Demonstration Cart Cannon
  9. Spooky Machine Buckler failed at +0? How is that possible?
  10. (,\ \\\,_ \` ,\ __,.-" =__) ." ) ,_/ , \/\_ \_| )_-\ \_-` `-----` `--` 3212
  11. D e M o N

    Job Improvements

    My Shield Spell maxes out at Level 3, how do I increase it to level 10? Which level allows you to do damage?
  12. ✧・・゚: *✧・゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 3210
  13. Description of Issue: Cannot insert card into accessory. Expected Result: Should be able to insert card into accessory. Official Information & Screenshots: https://gatheringro.com/item/view/?id=27171
  14. Description of Issue: Not Eligible in Buwaya - PHQ. Expected Result: Should be eligible and be able to claim chest rewards. Official Information & Screenshots: Skills Used: Cart Cannon Weapon Element: Wind No Mercenaries involved. 2 Players attended, I am the only player not eligible.
  15. I have done some more tests, it seems as the headgear works properly. Behaviors are just slightly different in PvP vs PvM.
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