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  1. Taken last May 7, 2016 at Bagac, Bataan, Philippines From left to right in-game names: Mao Seiken, Soran Ibrahim, Kuro Saber Alter, Tridagger X, Althuriaz Stormrune, Porcelain, Axel Eternal Flames, Ed Stampede, Dharz
  2. I'm having the same patch problem "read time out". I tried all the possible solutions posted here but doesn't work.
  3. https://gatheringro.com/community/index.php?showtopic=36610 Rune Crafting Guide by Tortalong
  4. Have you tried logging in at the website control panel and reset your character's position manually.
  5. Happy birthday Gro. thanks marc for keeping it up and free after all these years. rofl
  6. there is no so called build of jesus. that is just pure myth
  7. well isn't this a good reason to show up in the forums. me and vic has this long history of arguements which i don't even know how it even started, but im pretty sure its been stretching for almost 5 years now. i'm not even sure if that apology includes me but who knows lol. i just want to apologize to whatever shits ive done to you or to your friends and whoever i offended, im on my retirement here on gatheringro and i want to leave without any enemies. if ever we started on the same guild maybe we ended up as friends, but im putting all the past away and im hoping we can have a good start. - - respects given
  8. 4 days to go to post your video entry. Please be advised that all of the criteria above must be met.
  9. Jerose it is not required to be a live one. Even in-game video is good also.
  10. There are no limit on person who participates in a video, every video is considered as 1 entry and it will be an entry of the person who submitted it here. Prizes are also Updated
  11. Event: GatheringRO Promotional Video Contest Organised by: <GM> Ed Stampede and <GM> Mahrze Key dates: Last date for submission of entries: March 25, 2010 It will not be extended! Details: Do you make videos? Do you like prizes? Is creativity your passion??? Are you looking for an opportunity to prove yourself in the field of creativity?? Then here is a chance for you to grab the opportunity… Yes!!! gatheringro.com is providing you an opportunity to expose your talent in a promo video contest…!! So, come on!! Don’t lose this chance to get admired of your creativity and win exciting prizes. What should I do? You have to make a promotional advertisement video to promote gatheringro.com. It should be solely made by you and should not contain copy-written video. The video may include moving images or a real life video. The theme is "Gatheringro : feel the difference". You may also shoot a real life video with your friends to show the theme. Video Contest Rules: 1. Your video must contain information related to our server gatheringro.com like what is it all about and what are its features and how it is fun to play. However, it may be a real life video shooted with your friends also. Example Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8hybO7N6Uk&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5iCoT7SdL4&feature=related 2. Your video must be 2 minutes long or less( In-game ), 30 sec long or less ( real life video ). 3. You can't use copy-written video or music clips. However, parodies of songs are acceptable (may be even encouraged…)! Videos can use other people's music, models and other content as long as the proper license(s) and permission(s) are included. 4. Your video must be posted on YouTube.com strictly by March 22nd (however if your video is completed earlier you can post it earlier to gain YouTube views). 5. Last date for submission is March 25, 2010. Last date will not be extended! Make the submission in the forum below. Post the URL of the video in YouTube in the forum below. 6. Multiple submissions from one person are definitely allowed! 7. Once an entry has been submitted it cannot be changed or modified, so be sure to send in your best entries. 8. All submissions become property of gatheringro.com though if your content is used you will be credited. How We Pick the Winner? 1. On the basis that how you show the popularity of gatheringro.com and adherence to contest rules. 2. Creativity and Quality. 3. POPULARITY : Entries submitted via YouTube.com should be forwarded to friends to accumulate views thus increasing the videos popularity on-line. The number of views the entry receives will be very significant in the judging process. So, try to get maximum views by making it available on Orkut, facebook or other Social networking sites so that your friends will know about them. (Make use of "Promote option" in orkut.) Comments by visitors who watch that video will add more weight to your score. 4.Voting will also be done from March 25th till March 27th, 2010 by the GM team to choose the winners. Disclaimer: Entries that contain any inappropriate language or material will be automatically discarded from the contest. Winner will be announced on March 27th, 2010 at 16:00:00 Servertime. Prizes: 1. The grand winner will recieve a <GM> Everade Suprise Box 1 ea., 5 Bloody Branches And a Gatheringro Castle Invitation. 2. His/Her video will be used for the publicity of gatheringro.com. So, possibly it is a kick start for your career as creative director. 3. Top 5 runner up entry will recieve a Convex Mirror 5ea Box, and a GatheringRO castle invitation each. PRIZES MAY IMPROVE DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF CONTESTANTS. For further details, contact : <GM> Ed Stampede via Forums or In-game
  12. if there is a best 5? can there also be worst 5? because im joining
  13. Forum Name:FafaEhdz, jadelicious In-game name: Ed Stampede, I heaven I Which prize would you like, if you win?:Drooping Garm Chain if possible.
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