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  1. Dear Santa, My name is AsakuraViper ingame and my real name is Shaun - I am 26 years old. I'd really like to have a Symbol of Beginning, it's my favorite symbol! Hopefully you can fulfill my wish. Yours Truly, AsakuraViper
  2. Answer is 1500 members also for Michael Jackson...since David Bowie(1970s) and Buddy Holly's(1950s) timeline isn't same with Michael Jackson and Madonna's....also Michael Jackson seems famous all around the world, so most likely he'll own the same with Madonna's fansclub
  3. Let me not repeat myself....and clearly from your reply you just BASED Your solution to his solution which clearly you didnt have an idea at first...it took you 19 minutes after his post yo finally arrived on your solution....which you clearly copied....eliminate the other columns...column 3 and 4 relation is already enough....by him answering 6 is already a thumbs up with a valid solution on it...ok lets say your solution is more complete compared to his solution....do you actually think you would have end up having that solution if it werent for him who posted 19 minutes earlier than you? Be
  4. You guys stop fighting with your answers.....if 6 is really the right answer then killer wing got it already.... And he was the first one to post it.....clearly you just based your solutions from him.....without him posting his solution you would not have any idea about that solution which you just clearly added the 3rd column rationale on how you arrived on your answer but in the end....what matters is getting the final answer and the acceptable solution...so no offense @KawaiiPotato. You were 19 minutes later than him.....so you guys just wait GM Rayleigh
  5. @Everade @Khaii @raphaelluigi @Hersheys @~Nik~ Thanks for the like/reputation guys ! Advance Merry Christmas btw!
  6. @Killer Wing Thanks a lot bro! Your HunterKiller's Biolab Gears and Enchantments Guide is Awesome! It will surely help those newbies out there and as well as those who aren't aware of the quest yet...don't forget my souvenir! P.S. As for the thana card, consider it done and an early Christmas Gift from me.....KEEP ROCKING THE FREE WORLD DUDE!
  7. Obtaining Thanatos's Card is the ultimate Prize through this quest Note that every step mentioned in this guide has its own pictures on top of it for reference purposes Requirements: A. 5+ People for Level 3 Access B. Fragments 1 Fragment of Misery dropped by 1 Fragment of Agony dropped by 1 Fragment of Hatred dropped by 1 Fragment of Despair dropped by C. Any Equippable Level 4 Weapon D. The Keys------Charmstones Red Key----Red Charmstone Yellow Key----Yellow Charmstone Blue Key----Blue Charmstone Green Key----Green
  8. WHOA! AWESOME GUIDE DUDE! this will surely help those newbies who are confused and really wants to get their hands on a Rainbow Sash!!! Good luck! Congratz in advance
  9. can you at least enlighten us about refinement bonuses/chances then or at least the calculation of the refine system? it would mean a lot to us...thx
  10. Dear Santa, My name is AsakuraViper ingame.- I am 24 years old. I'd really like to have a Symbol of Valor (costume). Valor means strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness and i would like to face the new trials/challenges that i will encounter in the upcoming year 2016. I would also like to thank God and everyone for a wonderful 2015. Merry Christmas Santa! Merry Christmas Everade and to all GatheringRO players and oldies!Advance Happy New Year to all! Don't give up on the server! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hopefully you can fulfill my wish too! Yours, Asakur
  11. whoa, chill! i dint say that...i just said your stalking?its called stalking right?and of course you can watch or even allowed to post something there if its not bad comment or anything....i said hi? didnt I?so chill...

  12. Congratz to the new GMs...hope you will do something for a change!Good Luck!

    1. Alexaa


      thankyou and i will!

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