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  1. Found my old account and giving it to a friend. Might seem to be logged in from time to time.

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiii

    Merry late xmas~

  3. Hiiiii cammmyyyyyy!

  4. I'm here to save you Nirosan! No more sausage fest comments for you!

  5. Bye bye.... Sad to see you go, but I'm going too...

  6. lol, nice guide. Though I don't know how many newbies get on the forums.
  7. ^^ That's a good idea, now if I could only get an older member to help me make a graph of how prices increased/decreased for some common/rare items.... Also I'm going to spruce it up a bit, just give me a little bit of time XD
  8. This makes me wonder if doing the Nile Rose quest would give me a coupon... anyone know?
  9. Melody's guide to RO economics First I'd like to start by saying that this isn't another price list, this is a guide to understand how the prices of RO go up and down. I don't have a degree in economics, but I do understand how the basics of the RO economy work. I'll go over supply and demand, and what can and does threaten the intertwined fibrous structure of the RO market. Supply and Demand This might seem like a self explanatory topic, but it's much more complex than skin beauty. Obviously supply is the amount of something that a merchant would be selling. For example th
  10. My avitar is Midori-chan from Midori no Hibi . I'm not new here, and hello mush Waka Laka is a happy place~ That made you fly

  11. What about the %chance of success of refining? And what's that effected by? Again trying to dispel rumors which may or may not be true *COUGHRASCOUGH*
  12. Isn't BOD just 2 slots? In any case are you going to give a FS guide too? Just out of curiosity. If you want help with that I'm a pretty darn good FS Priest.
  13. Good guide, I've made an asura Stalker too. Though you could just wait until Ifrit set auto casts asura (I think it might only work if you have both pieces) if your patient or have a tao. Just be careful, because last time I WOE'd I forgot to take off ifrit rings and I was stuck with no SP for 20minnutes. Also, you can't upgrade Sleiph at least to my knowledge (it's description says "Impossible to upgrade" lol)
  14. A note on the close confine, you can just warp directly to the NPCs you don't have to bother with the stupid door puzzle. I was looking for a close confine guide and found one but the words were different for the passwords, so I just warped directly to the NPCs and it worked just fine.
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