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  1. Found my old account and giving it to a friend. Might seem to be logged in from time to time.

  2. hey it's me mack if ya still remembers me miss ya girl

  3. Happy Birthday I dont know you still.. :)

  4. melo Dx i miss yuu~

  5. Melody!! How are you?

  6. melody, is that you, why don't you go online anymore

  7. Your leaving too!?

  8. Unk

    I want to have your babies. /discuss

  9. HELLO~~, i made it. i just made it online in Gro~ thx to collabel, everythings back to normal and i must meet you online, loads to talk and i still do smile, i may not know whats been going on but please be happy~

  10. You got 4 stars now! =D

  11. No way! you play the violin too?


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