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  1. Where is the NPC that sells these Huuma Shurikens? Blaze, Wave, Thunderstorm, Petal
  2. Understandable. Final final questions (I swear!): Does the first Jobs have the stay in the 50 limit or do they have the same extention of job lvs like their advanced tiers? When the Star Emperor, Soul Reaper and 4th classes come into the server. Will they have the lv. 70 limit too?
  3. Also may I bring out an opinion? I know this might not matter from one player but... Max Job Lv 70 is a bit too close to the official KRO servers. I know the 120 is OP, tried it on RMS's Skill Simulator, yet 70 is a bit limiting (as mention in the link you provided that it'll encourage us to focus on a build and not have access to all the skills), IMHO, as the other three servers I went through also end up changing to the 70 max.. Maybe 80 or 90 is good, some wiggle room but still limiting. And that's the opinion that I wanna voice out. Of course, you and your staff have total control ove
  4. Final Question: Wheb deleting a character... How long do I have to wait?
  5. Ah! Okay. So saying that if I got in now and did the "quick leveling" guide at the wiki, making me 250/120, putting all points in stats and skills. Then the patch you mentioned happened... what will happen to my character? Will it keep its 250/120 levels or will it be reduced to the planned 200/70 and the points are reset a la Hypnotizer-like so I can redistribute with the new limit?
  6. I found this server in RateMyServer and I've heard some good things from a friend. RMS said that the Max Job Lv is 120 yet the site says the Max Job Lv is 70. Which is it?
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