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  1. a old player told me that this was possible in this server even though I only found a way to make the no slotted one. I looked all over for guides here in the forums but when I find a link you can't see it because it's archived. do you have a working link here of the quest please?
  2. Zyhi

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, I only now just knew that there was this contest. Deadline is on 10th so I have to hurry and write to you now. I hope coronavirus did not affect you too much because you fly all around the world and it's everywhere! Wishing you good health for the years to come. I know Christmas is already over and maybe you skipped my house by mistake but if a gift is still available, I would wish for Wings of Gabriel (item number 20530). But please send it to my friend instead because I know I have been a very naughty girl this year so maybe that's why my house was skipped hehe. Please send your
  3. question too we will no longer be a high rate server after the update? we will be mid rate yes?
  4. @Everadethank you I was worried that the custom Glorious Ring S1 and S2 set and Emperium Armor I bought were going to disappear along with the mvp card in the armor if I didn't decard it before the big update. for sure then that emperium equips and the custom battleground armors won't disappear when the update comes? that way we can decard before it happens
  5. @Everade those are not official items. if not disappear maybe turn into a random placeholder item like a bugged apple or whichever? i don't think it's possible for the slotted version to automatically transform into the official unslotted ones because they have different item id please please be honest with us
  6. @Everade official effect on ratemyserver and iro wiki does not have the pvp restriction like in this server. it will always remain usable for pvp and war of emperium in the server (after the big update) unless kRO or iRO decides to restrict it to also not usable in pvp and war of emperium officially? now is a good time to upgrade because of the xmas bonus but tell us now if the headgear and it's enchants will have full effect in pvp and war of emperium. because it will be a waste of upgrade using blessed ore if you only want it for pvp and war of emperium
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