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  1. Yep, I finished all MVPs and only got 10 ghost chill @[email protected]
  2. I finished the required quest the NPC is telling to directly warp to Wolchev's Lab instance but it keeps saying I didn't. I need to @jump just to get to the instance entrance.
  3. Foods from monster drops has no cooldown. Have seen this problem back then.
  4. Callianna


    proof.rrf This guy wants to test some thing on pvp, I got His LK and borrowed my Royal Darkflame of Half Fury + Highrisk Valk Armor. After testing he refuses to give my stuff back.
  5. I'm on step 12 of president quest I need to get the file folder after talking to the president, but it's not letting me progress.
  6. Hi, I've been doing this President quest http://irowiki.org/wiki/President_Quest but it's not letting me progress because it gives me a different quest instead of the one on the guide. It's making me find a crying girl outside of thana tower for the Northern Seal Quest, but I search every where from hu_fild01 to hu_fild04 and there's no crying girl anywhere. I tried searching for the Northern seal/Jewel of Vi quest but there's no such thing. HAAAALP PLS T_T
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