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  1. Hi, I hope you are well. I just want to ask if there's a way to get rid of this item. I got it from a Mora quest I believe and I have 2 currently. I'd like to use the space they are taking for other items if possible. Thanks, - DP
  2. Hi, I went back to re-do the bungees again and instead of doing the jumps directly (clicking onto the ship/stairs), I spoke to the plaform and hit yes until I was able to make 5 successful jumps. Moral is talk to the platform and make 5 jumps. That's when Utan Man will recognize it as a successful jump. This post can be closed. Thanks, - DP
  3. Hello, I hope y'all are well. I'm doing the Umbala Bungee Jumping thing as a part of a headgear quest (Samambaia Headgear Quest). I've jumped successfully in different ways (i.e., surived the jump, re-jumped and survived again; also ended up in Niffleheim, if that is even considered successful). However, the NPC for the Samambaia Headgear Quest quest is still telling me I have not done the jumps he's told me to do. I've repeated the jumps at least 10-15 times, but I just can't push through with the quest. Have anyone done this quest and encountered the same? Any specif
  4. Last night, I was able to finally get a GTB card. Now what to do? My other character ain't ready to use it yet. Hahahaha!


  5. I selected the wrong headgear when talking to Francisco for the second time! Now I have two Brazilian Flag Hats (the bandana looking ones). Finally got the correct one on the 3rd try.
  6. Thanks for this! I was able to see it. Oooh! Looking forward to this update.
  7. Hi, @Kazalus! I just noticed you put Angry Snarl, but probably meant Angry Mouth (which fits the description provided more).
  8. Hi. How do I check the status/duration of my account plus membership?
  9. Fresh from Doppelganger himself.. a DOPPELGANGER CARD! Not really sure how this card works in this server, but I'm looking forward to try it. /ok

  10. Thank you so much @Khaii! I am more enlightened now.
  11. Thank you for this, @Everade! I have an unsure memory of being inside the castle years ago (2016-ish) but did not require an invitation. Maybe it's just a made up memory. Thanks again!
  12. Finally got an Atroce Card and a Dark Lord card. All my MVP hunting paid off somehow! On to the next MVP cards. /bo Also, I finally passed the Pro Hunter exam. Happy! /heh

  13. Thank you for the response. I would like to understand, is a Castle Invitation only usable once? If I use one now, will I have to buy again in case I wanna go back to inside the castle?
  14. Hi, Hope y'all are well and safe. I'm just wondering what are the ways to obtain a Rice Ball Doll. I've checked sources and not sure where to find the Riceball who drops it. I really wanna do some quests that require it. A friend of mine was able to obtain the doll by ssummoning the Riceball via DB, but that takes a lot of chances, no? I hope someone can guide me. Many thanks, - DP
  15. Hi, I was playing with friends when one party member handling a Doram (max level wearing a level 4 weapon) was unable to continue somehwere around the floor 7. She was able to get all the keys like everybody did but, when she talked to the portal, she only got an error saying something about a mysterious power blocking the path. I wonder if there's something wrong with Dorams doing the Thanatos Tower quest since my friend did everything we did and only she was not able to pass that floor. Hope you can check. Many thanks, - DP
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