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  1. There're many way to obtain Bloody Branch 1. World Boss Chest Drop 2. Woe Castle Chest (Only Guild Leader that have castle) 3. @reward (By login on specific day) and many more Tips, you can do Verus Instance (@warp verus01 150 150) which spawn 3 random MVP with 24 hours cooldown each Char but since it's an instance, you can't use Berries inside so be careful, i recommend bring friend along or mercenary
  2. Well okee fair enough but im quite disagree with this one : It drop Werewolf's Essence. Not card, and can be obtained in 1 out of 13 chance which make the card even rarer than mvp card that can be hunted and farmed +1 for the suggestion to change the effect because at this rate, it will stay on storage even if we have one
  3. On second part of the map (After Corrupted Soul) Left side of the map work just fine but on right side of the map, Evil Presence doesn't respawn and the usual spawn spot doesn't spawn monster neither hence can't continue I don't do screenie because there's literally no monster left on right side of the map Note : Old Glast Heim Normal Mode
  4. +1 Axe Tornado is crucial for many instance party and such Nerfing Axe Tornado (Latest Adjustment) killed mecha class on pvm imo (Sure they can use mado and all it skills but will they use it for pvm purpose ? i don't think so) Suggestion : rather than adjusting the cast time, nerf the damage instead There're many way to kill TGen with just 1 second, Asura Strike for example. From what i see here, you encounter high end player that spend lots of time to get there.. Just saying
  5. "Recovers 600 HP and 20 SP every second" doesn't work when slotted with Boss Egnigem Card Did a test and it doesn't recover HP and SP per second even though "Adds ATK +25" work just fine, while Boss Egnigem HP SP Recovery work as usual
  6. Hmmm... rather than nerf the Axe Tornado Skill , i'm agree with @Sanaaa about nerf the gears/card like what happen to True Howard Card Axe Tornado deals high dps is true but its not for free, player need to get high refined gears, enchants, cards that take lots of effort time and oh spamming keyboard But if Axe Tornado Skill really need to be nerfed, 10-20% sounds reasonable for me though i more prefer to nerf the gears/cards
  7. @Everade can you change the item requirement from Contaminated Magic to Coagulated Spell please ? at least until Hard Mode come out ? Right now we can't enchant Temp Boots and can't do a thing about it Sorry if what i'm asking is too much
  8. yep.. when i come for the second time, there're some + on the minimap indicating where lockstep respawn point.. the info should be there when the chat between Dr.Vie and charleston triggered
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