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  1. Windowed mode keeps resetting position to middle of screen? I play with gRO window on left or right side of my monitor, why every time i start the game it is reset to middle of screen? This was not an issue before updates.
  2. What happen to guild storage items? Capacity is now 500 instead of 600? I am missing several hundred items across several storages.
  3. Disable @mount command and other mount such as halter mount inside BG, WoE, pvp. If you successfully remove mount of RG, RK, or Mecha, they will just use @mount to recover their mount.
  4. Why does emperium axe give magnum break skill? Magnum break cannot be used while in mado armor.
  5. Why ist there such biased vs chaser class? Due to the availability of master buff scroll, full strip skill cannot be used on most enemies. Masquerade skills are blocked by wearing golden thiefbug card. There also seems to be resistance to masquerade even without golden thiefbug equipped? Even if you are able to remove the enemies mount they can simply use @mount command Bloody lust skill is seemingly made useless as players instantly regenerate SP after walking out of bloody lust AoE? SP regen is blocked for 5 minutes after bloody lust, unless the affected player logs out or dies. Bloody lust skill also appears to have casting time even though it is not supposed to have cast time? why manhole skill has reduced duration? Full strip, masquerade, and manhole are the main disabling skills of chaser class but the skills are blocked here by item or change in game mechanics in favor of other class?
  6. It is called "Memories". You can find it in your BGM folder:
  7. I would like to suggest that item scripts be published in the item database for everyone to see. Withholding such information decreases transparency between the game and the community.
  8. Only Transcendent Class (or higher) can equip Orlean's Gown. Transcendent Classes: High Acolyte High Archer High Mage High Merchant High Swordsman High Thief
  9. What is the reason that Giant Octopus has 500,000 per hit when using Waterball? Waterball hits 100 times at level 10, giving a total damage of 50,000,000. Seems like Giant Octopus has 660 int.
  10. According to: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/89 "do not take damage while the freezing status is maintained."
  11. 1.) Tried this, installed "GatheringRO_2020-07-26", does not work. (anti-virus was disabled) 2.) I switched to mobile hotspot on my PC, still not working. (anti-virus was disabled) 3.) All test were done with anti-virus disabled. 4.) unfortunately this did not work either. (anti-virus was disabled after restarting) Nothing has changed on my PC with the exception of my FireFox/Chrome browser being updated to the latest version. Everything was working 100% before the server was taken down. I cannot find anything wrong with my PC. I am starting to think I habe been banned?
  12. The server is hosted in Germany, correct? I noticed that the server time is behind by 2 hours. Would it be possible to synchronize the server time? It may be preventing the connection. Mismatched date/time are known to cause connection issues.
  13. I am having the same issue. I have tried the following: 1. Whitelisted entire GatherinRO Folder on my anti-virus. 2. Disabled Anti-Virus. (whitelisting did not work) 3. All browsers have been completely cleared. 4. I have reinstalled GatheringRO into a new folder. (Full client installer version-22 June) Patcher still refuses to connect.
  14. What are the chances of getting a symbol from Sanbica's Gift Box? I have asked several players, they have not gotten a single symbol since PHQ was implemented. The script does not indicate what the chances are.
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