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  1. As i was using the connection mode as Mobile Hotspot Tathering, i restarted my phone and that worked.
  2. Issue is solved, Thanks Everade
  3. Patch process was done but its showing failed to connect to server. Even the temporary login is showing me the same error.
  4. If u want you can take my remote access, if that option is available at your end
  5. Yes i did the same, Same result
  6. Well that strange because yesterday before new patch things were working fine, i have not made any changes to my firewall settings as it is off anyways. Also i do not have antivirus in my system.
  7. Hi Everade, Its showing failed to connect to the server. I have reinstalled it into my gatheringro folder, do i need to install it into specific folder and not the master folder?
  8. Hi Everade, While updating new patch and reinstalling the package i am getting error as attached in the screenshot. Please suggest what needs to be done
  9. I have been receiving this message again and again. What is it about? Please help on priority. @Everade
  10. Hi Team, My IGN- lll J A W lll Id- happiee I am getting a lot of sprite errors when i go to althea and also when i got for hunting in lhz dun03. Errors such as failed to load sprite, failed to load lord of vermillion in lhz map Kindly help
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