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  1. Nice! I just noticed that it had been, I have been too busy/forgetful to check the forum lately >_< Great job anyway <3
  2. Since it's my pet and I'm doing the heal testing on those pictures I'll just add this one where you see the text on the egg as well. Now it actually got a description, which is nice. Since it just was an "unknown item" before.
  3. Dear Santa, hear my tale and my Christmas wish! In the dark of fall, the people of Midgard heard her call. From the cold bitter north, Sehra the angel came forth. From the land of IKEA, she went to fair city Althea. With shimmering light, she healed those in plight. With judgement from heaven, she smote the evil seven. Soon companions joined her cause, cats, mechanics and rangers of course. Deep dungeons they delved, there battles were held. Countless foes laid low, none could make them bow. Sehra kept them alive
  4. Hi! I got a question about pet foods. I caught a Moonlight Flower using an universal tamer, but perhaps I was a bit hasty... I can't find the food it needs: Luxurious Pet Food. I was thinking that it's not in game yet, maybe someone knows? And I have the same problem with the normal Nine Tails pet as well, the food item "Suspicious Bottle" is not at the supply shop. Do these items exist? If so, where can I get them? Thanks in advance. Just a pic on the egg info:
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