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    I see! My bad, thanks!
  2. MarcoXTS


    Hi, I have a problem with Pet Systems, all of my pets are stuck in Neutral and i think the bonus is not working. I was talking with other players and they have the same problem. Can you check this problem? See ya! High High Priest here.
  3. gg Bishop ahaha my 2 best chars
  4. we will shared internet from ours movil phones in WBE ahahaha, thanks, u save my day ahahha
  5. ooh really? yeah, my 2 brothers. Thanks!
  6. Hi, today i was in the wolrd boss event, King Poring and Belphegor, and when we finish it, the chest said, you've already claimed your reward, something like that. In the first time i think just bad luck, but twice, is really strange.
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