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  1. hope to see this instance be implemented soon XD p.s. link for more details https://irowiki.org/wiki/Charleston_Crisis
  2. btw i already tested it by using the same gears and changed 1 item to get an additional 5% neutral resist. then i equipped it on my ranger the 100neutral resist worked
  3. cause i tried to do the 100% neutral resist gears. atm i have gears with a total of =95% neutral resist so clearly im lacking 5% if the skill is working right i should have 100% neutral resist but unfortunately im still getting hit by neutral attacks
  4. skill description says "Increase resistance to fire and neutral element attakcs" @ level 5 = fire + 25% and neutral +5%? does the neutral resist works like raydric card if yes then its bugged if no can you explain how it works?
  5. skyler

    chest bug

    sorry i forgot to login my account when i wrote this
  6. skyler

    September Update

    Will you open the pumpkin rucksack quest again?
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