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  1. Those are oficial updates, the problem about the GatheringRO it's we are missing itens, itens for exemple remove this skill cool down. You can search on google and see that is oficial.
  2. Here we put 3 points in turn undead(put only one point don't change, put point in magnus exorcismus too(turn undead is pre-requise for magnus exorcismus)) and thenm it back to 0... xD
  3. Your damage wasn't sufficient. This could be a bug but, i read on patch notes and this bug is fixed. If you need help with sets or tips, tell me, i'll aswer when i read. Bye bye~ Carol
  4. Yep i'm haveing this problems for like 2 years... xD Idk if there is a easy way to fix this, that is why i never report
  5. Hello Koi, at the moment i'm not haveing much time free to be honest... Some times i'm online, most 23:20~01:00(time server). Be free to talk to me if you want go instances, i'm always up to help. You can pm me on discord too, i can be a bit late to aswer but, i will! See ya!
  6. As said before, the egg got fixed, but still no effect from they. With Pet(the pet is cordial): Without:
  7. I'm sure it is, try it again! ^^ Lower the 5682 damage is the one without amdarais! ^^
  8. Miss Carol

    Wrong Pet Code

    The new pet "Aliza" it's with wrong script.
  9. Need i say something?
  10. Some updates before, Adoramus was a very usefull skill which makes people play AB, and then it turned into a AoE skill with a such low damage. Damage with Lex Aeterna(double damage) + Oratio(resistance -20%). Since the old mitra enchant gives 12% matk and the Judgement set 200% adoramus damage + True Margaretha 60%(i was using only 20%). Don't forget, u need the judgement set to deal a acceptable damage on adoramus(this waste much stuffs like defense, cast etc). you don't think this pretty useless? I have two sugestions: Increase base adoramus damage(turning not Aoe or keep AoE, doesn't matters). Put on the old mitra adoramus damage increase(since experienced AB go to judex build, it turn adoramus useless). Thanks by the attention!
  11. No, i can hit now for some reason... XD Thanks
  12. In Althea you can try break a emperium as a try on the npc which u find with the Althea guide. but i can't hit.
  13. This build is dead. Don't do it! xD Hello everyone! By ask from some people, i'll make a Mechanic(Axe Tornado build) guide. Before everything, we have to know our skills! Buffs: Cart Boost (You need a cart to use it, increase ur move speed). Weapon Perfection (Blacksmith buff, increase ur weapon damage). Maximum Power Trust (Transcendent blacksmith buff, increase ur damage, waste 5k zeny). Adrenaline Rush (Increase ur Atack speed(need mace or axe), blacksmith buff). Crazy Upproar (Merchant quest buff(just talk to the Platinum Skill Master in atlhea), increase ur str in +4). Maximize Power (Amplifie weapon atack power, consume alot of SP, Transcendent Blacksmith buff). Meltdown (Destroy enemy weapon on pvp, decrease monsters defense). After understand this Axe Tornado: Inflicts Melee Physical Damage to all enemies in a set area around the user. Requires to have an Axe class weapon equipped and if it is Wind property, the damage will increase by 25% overall. Damage (ATK) = [(Base_Damage + VIT) × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]% What we need know? You need: Str 200 Vit 200 Agi(193 aspd, depend in ur set). Equips: To be honest, Mechanic is a expensive char, so if you want do one, u wanna have to waste zeny. No pain, no gain! Weapons: The best option: Orcish Axe[4] You can slot it on prontera, type " @go prontera ", then type " /navi prt_in 22_61 ". where to catch? " @warp gef_fild10 ". About cards: Because the constant waste of SP, Dracula is needed. For damage, Memory of Thanatos, is the best choice. And for regen, 2x Sniper cards(the mvp one), or 2x Hunter fly cards. Armor: The best option: Geffen Magic Robe[1] You can get it on Geffen Magic Tornament. About cards: Tao Gunka, is the best choice because we are target on Survival, not on damage. Champion, is a good option too, gives 25% HP, damage and after cast. Headgear: The best option: Old driver Band(Top), Baron's Evil Eye(Mid), Raibow Sash(Lower) where to catch? " Tomb of honor ", search on database. About cards: Kiel, just Kiel. LOL Acessory: The best option: one Geffen Physical Ring, one Improved Expert Ring/Expert Ring cards: 2x Brozering/Belphe, Combo Faceworm + Dark Faceworm Boots: The best option: STR Temporal Boots or Dex Temporal Boots Shield: The best option: Immune Shield Gtb Needed. Robe: The best option: +9 Adventure Backpack Develing needed. General considerations: In full build u need: 2x Kiel card Thana(or incarnation samurai/tgen) Dracula 2x Sniper(or hunter fly) Gtb Card Develing card Final Considerations: If you don't have some itens from the listed, search what itens u can use in ur own case. If you don't have Kiel, don't do it. Thanks by the attention, Carol.
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