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  1. ah i see, that's why buwaya is so op. it can 1 hit a rg class lol
  2. help me to finish the quest. i already have the: book of void 20pcs of cosmic powder 100pcs of illusion flower 200pcs of obsidian fragments when im talking tot the mysterious guy and then proceed to closet, it only took the panties.
  3. unknownuser


    seems the character switch is not working for me, and also the wings for summoner is not showing too.
  4. D e M o N and Gatcha, sankyuuu
  5. demon, how to get the Gigantic or the Giant Bow?
  6. also check the Howling mine and granade, i feel that those skills are not working properly as well. thanks
  7. unknownuser


    I dont know if this is exactly a bug but it happened when I exhanged my 15pcs of mith coins to the coin NPC but he gave me only 700m ... Here's the screenshot.
  8. I see, so when is the next update? im kinda excited to experiment it tho haha
  9. uhm i see, i will update my kRO then and i will report it when it happen again. thanks!
  10. It happened 2x when I log out my account[which is my Summoner] and logging it again, I will just find out that my equips are unwear. any guess what's happening in my account?
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