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  1. sir ur s-l-ill on ur deep sleep?...hahaha wake up sir i miss GRO

    leh go ^^

  2. hi sir  lip-l-on...is evirade s-l-ill on here deep sleep? ^^....he almos-l- dead in 15 hour ahhh....heheheh ..is a joke ahh don-l- be personal ^^....haiz i miss mah char...also DQ jouri 


  3. wahaha pre napghahala-l-ang adehk ^^....don-l- wori i pass mah knowledge 2 dis game on 2 u hahhaa...-l-ama ba gramer jejemon pa ^^
  4. im failed 2 connec dah server...is der some-l-hing rong?.....im ban?..i wanna know sir ...
  5. sir help pls...mah dQ char s ock on @go 8..pls fix


    1. Everade


      Please make sure your game is fully up to date.
      Please also note that you can use the control panel to reset your character position at any given time.

  6. bLake22

    What happen sir

    what happen sir,,,i was on the battle ground ,while fighting on the clash we are freeze and stock...after 3 minite i deside to restart my loptop, then relog...but now i cant enter,,server said ..disconected from server plas fix ...pls pls pls....thanks you
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