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  1. I tried some random palettes. I'm going with 222 and 697 right now for my mains. I cant wait to see them all !
  2. Well about the stylist problem, I have the same issue with all my chars (RK, Bishop, Rebellion, Mechanic, Royal Guard) and my friends have the same problem too (with different classes like guillotine cross, wanderer, ...) We downloaded the game recently.
  3. Is the server ... dead?
  4. I know where the stylist is, but i cant see the palettes. I need to hit "body dye only" and type a number everytime. In the dressing room I can only see like 4 palettes. How to see all the palettes?
  5. Hi everyone, I looked around in the forum (i swear) but i have questions that still need answers. 1 : What is up with the stylist? Do I really need to type a number everytime I want to see a palette? Is there a way to preview them somehow? A picture? 2 : What exactly am I supposed to do with Bronze coins? Bag of silver/bronze coins? Just sell them? Use them somehow? Trade them to an NPC? 3 : Where is Francisco? I cant find him. Navigation led me to an empty street with no NPC around. Thanks in advance for your help !
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