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  1. i kindly request you please test few thing before using others statement.
  2. Hi everyone... I have a question here, by far has anyone experienced increased dmg from World Bosses from their regular AoE dmg of 6666 to 7665? I am receving extra 999 dmg while World Bosses turn AoE dmg on. Screen Shot of same is been attached for reference. Thanks @Pixel
  3. Pixel

    Serin's Gold Ring

    Please can you share item description. As screenshot
  4. Pixel

    Vote for Points!

    When can expect a vote shop update??
  5. Blitz beat damage is based on int, that's the reason you dmg is low.
  6. Pixel

    Greed Skill

    Ohh thanks for this report, even I've faced this issue but never got chance to report it
  7. Ankle snare trigger as soon as any sort of dmg it receives or someone steps on it. Level 3 ankle snare will eventually give you extra initial durational boost.
  8. I'm afraid to say that I'm not fully aware of current kRO system, but if that's the case, I would say playing around with Sura's make no sense, I mean advantage and disadvantages could be taken in account if there is room in-between those two prospects, but in this case (Hey you have sura in middle of woe battle just do Alt+F4 or AFK for 10 sec take a water break instead. I hope I had ppl who could back me up here, but seems like it's pretty much ignored as no one care for a fair game play. Thanks to all who shared their opinion and feed back.
  9. Daily quest ecosystem is by far most perfect for hunting + grinding + Zeny gaining option If you intend to do 5x c coupon quest, it's more efficient to simply hunt for taming items or basically make most taming item by simple item merging quest which you can access in taming guide all over irowiki. Thanks
  10. Sir, the issue is not Sura's mobility but what makes them invincible is the confidence that they have nothing to lose, as before sura were to use TC as a endgame in order to finish the battle, but instead with no hp drain while using TC / GoH, they start of with cursed circle + TC & windmill + TC and the player is pretty much dead, by any chance it survived sura can again go cursed circle as cool down time is over by then, So in conclusion we have no chance to face of its totally pointless game play and it basically take any of all fun left while WOEing. I would most certainly suggest that Sura's be back to drain hp as they are supposed to, and it is as the skill demands for giving them a enormous amount of dmg in return. By the look of woe ranking chart shared above it's definitely showing the best dmg, which is in any case above 500k. I hope for a fair and balanced game play. Thanks @Pixel
  11. Well I think you've been personally hurt but my intention to report this issue is to get it in light that sura class is pretty unfair bit when it comes to woe or PvP based area, and if I would say & I mean no disrespect to any sura player out there you'll still need 2 TC to end my ranger, and I feel my ranger would be perfect basis/example to explain how sura's can put fun playing pvp & woe to a dead lock place via cursed circle + TC & windmill + TC with enormous dmg "(and here i would add my hp is at 800-830 depends on buff no buff)" yet if you think your sura will still manage to pawn me with single TC so Sir/Ma'am there is certainly no doubt sura's dmg + no hp drain for high intensity skills is a real issue here and it doesn't only effect me as ranger but ppl have even told me in-game that this report might get something positive out of this current situation. @Sanaaa I hope you'd be a sport to handle the situations but never the less I really appreciate your thoughts and feed back and I really hope we would have a fair PvP soon. Thanks @Pixel
  12. Most Sura's now a days just go on TC non stop due to no HP drain and dmg is too OP while ranger class has no chance to defend themselves from the rapid attacks while they cursed circle and kill with 2 rapid TC and i am dead, this doesn't seems to be balanced in anyway possible Sura's are exploiting the "NO HP DRAIN UPDATE" and it is very hard to play around them as there are more then 7 Sura's in guild, and it is almost impossible to though them. @Everade i kindly request you please check all possible outcomes as sura's class are actually ruling the pvp base areas. Thanks @Pixel
  13. aye i figured the hugin part later. sure its char based.. Thanks Bud
  14. i finished normal mode earlier and now tired doing the hard mode but was unable able to enter. Thanks
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