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    sucrose reacted to Everade in Costume Gift of Snow   
    Costume Gift of Snow has been deleted out of your inventories and the Cash Points have been returned.
    I'm sorry about any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support.
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    sucrose reacted to Khaii in WoE Guide For Beginners   
    Step 1. Leveling
    Leveling guide
    Step 2. Get your freebies!

    Adventure's set
    Step 3. Viable Woe Weapons

    Step 4. Refine your weapons

    Step 5. Basic cards to start

    Maya Purple Card : A very useful card for not letting your guard down by seeing through "hidden" enemies.
    Gemini-S58 Card : This is an option to go if you plan to go low "vitality" build.
    Marc Card : Safe option for your own performance. getting frozen wil also make you weak against "wind" elemental. 
    Evil Druid Card : Anti-frozen too with an extra Anti- stone curse ( however, weaknesses to take note : Wil receive more from "holy" and "fire" elemental.
    Ghostring Card : This card is mainly for anti "Neutraal" based skills such as : Asura Strike , Sarcrifice, Tiger Cannon, Acid Demonstration and much more!
    Hydra Card : Extra "damages" against demi-human (players) 
    Thara Frog Card : Best "resistance" card ingame. 
    Raydric Card : Most scariest elemental skills tend to be "neutraal" elemental based. Definitelly worth to use.
    Noxious Card : If you are more afraid of "long ranged attacks" This is the way to go.
    Ferus Card : Extra "HP" is always nice for survival.
    Smokie Card : Wil help you to anti aeo magic spells (Except "Earth elemental") and to escape hits/Binds
    Errende Ebecee Card : during activation, Wil help you block "long ranged attacks". Might actually save your life at crucial time. 
    Recommended Classes to start with :
    Support build goals :
     Potion Pitcher : Provide hp/sp to your guildies by using this skill to heal.
      Sling Item : To force people sit by using ammo "Banana Bomb"
                                                  To force people to walk slow by using ammo "Melon Bomb"
      Howling of Mandragora : To debuff by increasing cast time and reduce sp by chance.
      Illusion Dropping : To create a hallucination status to your opponents. 
     Blood Sucker : To prevent a player from being cloaked.
      Crazy Weed : To assist your guildies by cleaning out traps/defensieve ground spells.
      Full Chemical Protector : To protect your guildmates armors/weapon from breaking (Every 10 minutes)
      Thorn Trap : To immobilize an opponent.
      Hells plants : To deal semi offensieve skill to your opponents.
    (Recommended) Gears to start with. 
    Option 1.Hopping Filir (Upper) (Best healer upper headgear for genetic - Support option - ) -> Here's the guide to make one Homunculus Thesis Quest
    Option 2.  Beret (Upper) or  (Upper) Poo poo hat (Gives 10% Human Reduction - defensieve option-) -Dropped by Vanberk or Bigfoot
     Noble Mask (Mid) -> Here's the guide to make one Noble Mask Guide ( 
     Angry Mouth (Lower) (it gives -3% after cast reduces) - Dropped by Mushu mushu
    Weapon : 
    Option 1.Combat Knife  (Gives 10%  Human Reduction) - Dropped by Sniper Shecil / Buy from players
    Option 2.Rental Combat Knife - Can rent it for 1 week -> Get it here - @warp althea_in 163 139 
    Armors : 
     Adventurers Set    (The set wil give you -10% after cast reduces + 17% demi human resist and much more!) -> Rewards by npc. Mr Give away
    Accesory 2:  Expert Ring (It give -5% after cast reduces) - Dropped by  Ragged Zombie 
    Notable skills with (Requiments)

    To go beyond the limit for this class, you might wants to visit "Genetic PvP Guide" and "Gale Windscar's Genetic 101" 

    Priority skills for aimed bolt build :
     Unlimit : Use this whenever you can, it helps by alots on your dps
     Aimed Bolt : One of the best ranged skill in game (spammable) It has better range cells then autoattacking.
     Warg Bite : Use it to catch your prey, "chance" to immobilize them. You wil be able to dealt 3~4hits with aimed bolt on it! 
     Ankle Snare : Same as "Warg bite" except target has to step on it (100% immobilized). aimed bolt wil also dealt 3~4hits afterward.
    (Recommended) budget Gears to start with :
    . Aimed Bolt build (Offensieve) :  
    -Temporal Boots Of Dexterity :  Why? : To instant casting "Aimed Bolt skill" 
                                                         How to get? : Temporal boots Guide
    -  Vellum Crossbow +9 : Why? : This bow is really great for offense by combining "Siege Arrow S " (Can buy theses from Archer Tool Dealer)
                                                     How to get? : Dropped by Dark Kobold Archer / WoE Weapon Supply Box (chance)
    -   Sniping Suit Why? : The "Reduces after cast delay by 23% wil help you spam the skill greatly.
                                     How to get? : It's dropped by Archer Guardian
    -  Expert Ring : Why? : Another -5% reduces after cast delay
                                       How to get? : Dropped by Ragged Zombie
    - Angry Mouth Why? : Another -3% reduces after cast delay
                                     How to get? : Dropped by Mushu mushu
    Goals : To reach - 97% after cast reduces for maximum spams
                   To "kill" your opponents by surprise (One of the best long ranged skill ingame) -> it beats the range of auto attack. 
     Warg Strike (Auto attack) Build (Support/Offensieve) :
    - Weapon Option 1:  Creeper Bow : Why? : To prevent your target moving. (Support/Semi Offense)
                    Option 2: Crimson Bow +10~15 : Why? : This bow wil boost your "Warg Strike" damages greatly. (Offensieve)
    - Armor Option 1 (Offensieve) :  White Wing Set 
                                  How to get? : Armor is dropped by "Anubis" 
                                                          Brooch is drooped by "Acidus" 
                                                          Both Boots and Manteau can only be exchanged with  Mora Coin -> Recommended quest : Helping Lope and Euridi Quest
    Here's some info's about other notable skills :

    There wil be more classes
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    sucrose got a reaction from Gacha in Letter To Santa 2019   
    Dear Santa,
    Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!!!
     #63229: Piamette Hairband
    Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    sucrose got a reaction from Miss Carol in Letter To Santa 2019   
    Dear Santa,
    Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!!!
     #63229: Piamette Hairband
    Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    sucrose reacted to Nefeni in Letter To Santa 2019   
    Dear Santa, hear my tale and my Christmas wish!
    In the dark of fall, the people of Midgard heard her call.
    From the cold bitter north, Sehra the angel came forth. From the land of IKEA, she went to fair city Althea.
    With shimmering light, she healed those in plight. With judgement from heaven, she smote the evil seven.
    Soon companions joined her cause, cats, mechanics and rangers of course.
    Deep dungeons they delved, there battles were held. Countless foes laid low, none could make them bow.
    Sehra kept them alive, in peril she would thrive. Safe back to home, or else to atone.
    But too much power she used, her wings became all bruised. Once glimmering white, now as red as the fight.
    Grimly she thought, of this great shame she had brought.
    Sehra then almost forgot, one that could bring this shame to naught. A wish was sent to the north, to make new wings come forth.  
    Dear Santa it said, I wish for Wings of Genesis to be made. They would make this Christmas bright, I once again could share the light!
    My friends I would bless, our quests a certain success. So glad I would be, with wings of white I will never flee!
    The cold winter wind, never again it will have me pinned. Such joy this would bring, I shall thank thee as I in battle sing!
    A merry Christmas to each and all, I wish you a great Christmas haul!
    And after that cheesy mess, I guess some technicalities… I hope I was supposed to post this here to begin with, otherwise I’m more than a little embarrassed XD
    Anyway. Character in game = Sehra (Arch Bishop). Item I wish for = Costume Genesis Wing. Why I desire it = The verses above… But basically Sehra has lost her wings (she just believes that, she never had any ;p) and it would make her happy if Santa made new ones. Christmas, Genesis and Sehra (since she is a priest) are related to faith in different ways, so it fits. Kinda ;D
    Thanks for reading, merry Christmas everyone!
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    sucrose reacted to Mr. Grimm in Letter To Santa 2019   
    Dear santa
    Give me tacos and a costume red scarf to hide them and eat secretly.
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    sucrose reacted to AngFSP in Letter To Santa 2019   
    Dear santa
    i only write to wish u, Merry Christmas

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    sucrose reacted to Miss Carol in Letter To Santa 2019   
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    sucrose reacted to Shuichi in Letter To Santa 2019   
    I'm not good at writing letters, and I've never had the chance to win this event in my whole gRO life ,
    but I'm gonna try with something I'm a bit better with, a doodle. 
    That's me, Shuichi, wearing a Santa outfit!! 
    Glad to see our server alive another year, let's hope for another one!!
    Santa, bless this server with lots of love and lots of costumes too bahaha!
    also to our admin Everade, we all know that he have been working hard for his baby: GatheringRO.
    I've been a good girl and I hope you can bless me with #31178: C Fire Muffler, I saw it somewhere months ago and I loved it!
    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good one! 
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    sucrose got a reaction from Miss Carol in Camouflage skill is canceling after 10 seconds   
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    sucrose reacted to Miss Carol in Gefenia01 warp error   
    This happen when u warp to gefenia01(my KRO is always updated). I don't know about the others gefenia maps...
    But atm, my ranger is bug there with her all itens(i'll reset her position).
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    sucrose got a reaction from Khaii in Fishing Screenshots Event   
    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens
    Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts
    BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!!
    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren

  13. Haha
    sucrose reacted to D e M o N in Fishing Screenshots Event   
    Summer fishing trip with the Noob.. Some little monster got into the storage,  ate a couple of freshly caught fish and left the lures everywhere.
    Who would do such a horrible thing?!
    IGN:  Violentia

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    sucrose got a reaction from D e M o N in Fishing Screenshots Event   
    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens
    Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts
    BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!!
    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren

  15. Haha
    sucrose got a reaction from Gacha in Fishing Screenshots Event   
    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens
    Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts
    BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!!
    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren

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    sucrose got a reaction from Everade in Fishing Screenshots Event   
    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens
    Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts
    BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!!
    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren

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    sucrose got a reaction from D e M o N in Cannot Log In specific character?   
    My chars as well 

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    sucrose reacted to Everade in Easter Event   
    Rubber Duck Challenge Winners:
    1st    @sucrose found    20 Rubber Ducks!
    2nd   @AngFSP found    15 Rubber Ducks!
    3rd    @Aketsu found      11 Rubber Ducks!
    There's a total of 21 hidden rubber ducks, congratulations to our winners!
    Your Rewards:

    1st prize 
    2nd prize
    3rd prize 

    The Easter Surprise Rewards have been placed into the winners inventory!!!
    Easter Events have now ended.
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    sucrose reacted to Everade in Easter Event   
    The Hungry Wolf
    The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea.
    But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough for him to reach.
    James offers you a variety of easter themed rewards in exchange for some Easter Egg Yolk so he can feed his hungry wolf.
    You might find some well hidden Easter Eggs around all the fields of Althea.

    All cash shop costumes have a small chance to come out of these Easter Egg rewards you can exchange for Yolk.
    Higher rarity costumes will come out of the more expensive eggs.

    Cash Shop Update
    We've added brand new Easter Event exclusive costumes a long with some from last year!
    Each one of them can be obtained from "The Hungry Wolf" event, however only at a small chance.

    Carlos The Almighty
    A little kid called Carlos appeared in Althea, claiming to be able to get his hands on new godly gear.
    He likes to slide down from the first floor of a barrel factory.

    Find Carlos, earn his trust and you may become the most powerful player!
    (becoming the most powerful player is not guaranteed)
    Rubber Ducks Challenge!
    Last year, with the release of our major Althea map update, we've been running a special easter egg event.
    In total, there are 21 yellow rubber ducks very well hidden all over Althea and last year 20 of them have been found!
    We challenge everyone who did not win last year, to find as much yellow rubber ducks as possible!
    This is your 2nd and last chance!
    These ducks are part of the map design, thus can not be interacted with.

    The Challenge:
    - Take as many screenshots as possible which show following at the same time:
     1. At least one visible yellow rubber duck
     2. Your character itself must be visible
     3. Your character name must be visible in some way
    Here's an example of a valid screenshot entry.
    It shows my character, my name and one rubber duck. The red circles are not required.

    The Rules:
    - You can only win if you did not win last year, since last years winners already know all/most of the locations.
    - All submissions must be posted in the My Player Reports section of our forums. (This section is entirely private and can't be seen by other players)
    - If a screenshot shows multiple ducks at the same time, all visible ducks will count towards your total found ducks.
    - Maximum amount of screenshots allowed is 21. You can directly upload them all to your topic.
    - Showing the same duck multiple times in different screenshots won't count towards the total amount found.
    - Only 1 submission consisting of multiple screenshots per player is allowed.
    - Submission entry time window is valid until the 30th of April 2019 - 11:59 server time.
    Helping other players isn't forbidden, however it will highly decrease your own win chances.
    Also it should be more fun to have an additional private challenge between your friends.
    The Rewards:
    The 3 players which found the most rubber ducks in total will win great surprise rewards!
    Winners will be picked randomly from the winner pool if there are more than 3 players who found the most.
    Winners will be announced and rewarded during the month of May.

    Who's going to find them all?
    Easter Event Duration 31th March - 30th April server time.
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    sucrose reacted to Everade in 2019 Valentine's Quest Questions!?!   
    The Original

    Cupid the 2nd
    Requirement has been removed, you should be good to go now.

    Never was in Alberta?! Has always been in mosk_in,21,246
    And tested the love flower drops, it works just fine. Please re-equipp your gear and make sure the monsters you're hunting are truly Demi-Human type.
    I've been testing with id 2284 Abysmal Kobold. (7864 is the item id for the love flower in case your want to autoloot it.)
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    sucrose got a reaction from D e M o N in 2019 Valentine's Quest Questions!?!   
    The Original - Lady Solace Map
    Cannot get taming item once you've reached the required destination.
    Cupid the 2nd - Girl's Naivety
    Where can you find this item?
    Pinkamenias Returning - Love Flower
    Demi-humans aren't dropping the love flowers even when Lovelove Balloon is equipped.
    Where can I find the chocolate lady npc that use to be in Alberta?  
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    sucrose got a reaction from HunLeo in Letter To Santa 2018   
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    sucrose got a reaction from Swishy in Letter To Santa 2018   
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    sucrose reacted to Kazalus in Letter To Santa 2018   
    Dear Saint Nick
    This year, there is no item that I wish to pick
    From your jolly bag of gifts and Yuletide Candy sticks.
    I come to request, neither card nor gear
    For what I seek, is far greater I fear.
    It is for a world that I hold very dear
    To my heart and mind do the memories sear.

    I expect it not to be granted so
    But I just wanted you to very well know
    That the ones at the top of your nice list
    Are those who hide beyond this holiday's mist.
    Those who toil and constantly persist
    To make us smile all year long- they have been missed.

    Please do grant some coffee for the GM Team
    To make them smile and their eyes gleam.
    Leave them a bottle of holiday wine
    That they too, with joy, dine.
    For they have been giving gifts all year long
    So giving them a gift would do no wrong.

    Every update they've done was with toil and thought
    Bugs they've fixed have not been for naught.
    For they have players to appreciate
    Their support and funds to donate

    So Saint Nick,
    For get not to give them their gifts!
    They are people too not machines that kink!
    I pray that a single finger from your hand lifts
    To grant the GM Team their own wish~

    My name is Kazalus,
    Soul of Joachym Roa
    Age of the 18
    With a slate not entirely clean
    Rest assured I mean well
    Surely, you can tell.

    And as my own, selfish, desire
    I request one that is to be noticed
    One GM who's heart was on fire
    That gave opinions of deep thought that sire
    A strong bond with a game that was more than a game
    Lend thy ears to one they call Khai
    His words are priceless as those up high
    I pray you all be well and rarely tire!
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    sucrose got a reaction from YoLac in Letter To Santa 2018   
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